With all the eco friendly movement, more underwear companies are using eco friendly materials. We had a chance to interview Go Softwear about their new line.

Why did Go Soft wear decide to do an econ friendly line? What was the inspiration?
The choice to do an eco friendly line (Go Natural) is largely in part because we as a company believe in doing our part in helping preserve our environment and help create awareness. Go Softwear realized that the eco friendly movement was growing in all aspects of the apparel industry and incorporated into our company DNA.

Can you tell us more about the materials you choose for the line?
The materials used for the eco line are Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Vegetable dye. Bamboo fabric has antibacterial agents, perfect for undergarments and workout wear. Vegetable dye colors obtained from natural sources such as; fruits, leaves, flowers, vegetables, seeds, roots and bark of trees are non toxic in their pure form. Organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides. These materials have a far less impact on our environment. For example, vegetable dye is natural unlike chemical dyes that harm the environment. Bamboo when grown requires less energy and water to grow, can be grown without the use of harmful pesticides. In addition, bamboo grows extremely fast which means the root structure and rapid growth can reclaim land destroyed by overgrazing and over building.

What styles have you decided to make in the Go Natural line?
For the eco friendly line we kept the styles pretty traditional. Briefs, boxers, jocks and sleeveless tees, tanks, but with a fashion flare, hence the contrast stitching in the group.

How long has the Go Natural line been on sale?
We started doing hemp/organic cotton underwear for men a little over a year ago. The response was very positive so we decided to expand the line to other eco friendly fabrics.

Do you see the line expanding into other styles and materials?
Yes, we plan on expanding the line and keeping it as a staple. We also plan on sourcing new eco friendly fabrics for new styles in the future. Already, we have added the women’s eco friendly line consisting of thongs, boy briefs, sports bra, and camisoles.

What has been the customer repose to the new line?
Customers/buyers response has been positive. The existing Go Natural and new Veg. Dye, Bamboo has been picked up by stores we sell too across the country. The thing about true Eco-friendly clothing or undergarments is that they tend to be a bit more pricey, this is due to the fact that the process or raw materials used to construct fabrics or natural dyes is more specialized, not mass produced.

Outside of the Go Natural line, what has been some of your best sellers? and anything we can expect out of Go Softwear this year?
By far Go Softwear’s best sellers are the lo-rise briefs, over dyed group, Rayon/Mesh group, our colorful Berry Fresh Group, American Jock Group, and padded undergarments, especially the padded Butt Brief and now the NEW Super Padded Line is doing EXTREMELY well. The next item that is already crating a buzz is our men’s Waist Eliminator, which has been pre-sold to stores and going live on our site later this month. An article in the Wall Street Journal about men’s enhancement products mentioned our padded group and waist eliminator creating a buzz. We get calls just about every other day of individuals who read the article asking where they can buy it. We feel that is going to be our new top seller.


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