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You were a model before having your own underwear line. How did you get into the underwear business?

I used to always model underwear and rarely would wear the underwear ever again after the shoot. They just weren’t that comfortable. So this year, I got the idea to do my own line with the focus on comfort and style. The goal is to create the world’s most comfortable underwear that also looks “Hot!”1ray

What made you choose bamboo as the material used in your line?

It’s the most comfortable fabric I’ve found. I believe a good pair of underwear should be comfortable. I want Rich Underwear to be the most comfortable underwear in the world. Bamboo plants are great for the environment and I’m all about good health.

Why did you choose the current styles you are selling? What is your best seller?

We started with 5 styles and ended with two for now. If a style didn’t feel super comfortable and look hot, we didn’t use it. Currently we have a Low-rise brief and a sexy bikini brief. I get great feedback on both, so it seems people love both styles.

You have done a DVD of you in your underwear. Can you tell us about that project and what made you create a DVD?

IMG_9663 I figured an underwear workout DVD would be a great way to promote the new Rich Underwear line. Plus, people can see how the underwear will fit to the body while you move around.

What has been the best experience that has come out of you starting the line?

Getting to wear comfortable underwear all the time. About half the time, I’m wearing our Rich Underwear and the other half I’m testing out new designs and samples.

I have three tests for determining which styles are good and will be keepers:

  1. The “I forgot I’m wearing underwear” Test – If I’m testing a new design and I forget I’m wearing underwear, because it’s so comfortable, then it’s a keeper.
  2. “The Workout Test” – When you exercise, you move [around] in many different positions. A great pair of underwear will naturally move with you and feel great.
  3. “The Boner Test”, or “Erection Test” – I know this one sounds funny, but it’s the most important. If I wear a super comfortable pair of underwear, I’ll get many boners throughout the day because it feels so good against my skin. Most underwear is too restrictive and hurts your little man when he gets hard. I want to make sure Rich Underwear comfortably allows your ‘rocket’ room to launch.

Are you going to expand the line, maybe into thongs or jocks?Photo_041009_002

Yes. I work everyday on expanding the line. My goal is comfort, comfort, and then more comfort! I [am] constantly looking at different types of bamboo fabric and styles, testing them, and altering them to make Rich Underwear the most comfortable underwear you can buy. We will be coming out with boxers, boxer-briefs, and possibly jocks this year.

Where can our readers find you on the net?

You can see and buy our underwear at www.RichUnderwear.com. You can see and buy our underwear workout DVD at www.UnderwearDVD.com


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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