Saxx Apparel is a new company many of you have heard about. They are taking a new approach to the world of men’s underwear and we had the opportunity to talk to  Trent Kitsch, the founder of Saxx.

How did you get into the Underwear business?
I am the founder of Saxx, and came up with the idea as an inspiration while salmon fishing in the Ocean.

What inspired you for your new and innovative design?
I was wearing an ocean suit and had my legs together in the front nose of the boat. Because of the suit and my spot on the boat my balls were on my legs and I was uncomfortable. I thought to myself “how could I re-design men’s underwear to DSC_0430prevent contact and be more comfortable?”

It was quiet and I was looking out over the calm ocean and I began designing the “Saxx Comfort Side Panels” in my mind. When I got back to Grad School, I hired a professional fashion designer and we got to work. Alot of prototyping later Saxx was born.

Can you tell us what styles you currently have?

We currently have three lines with four different leg length styles.

  • Saxx Everyday is out high quality 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex Everyday Cotton line. Mid weight and comfortable, offered in the Trunk & Boxer Brief, Long Johns
  • Saxx Bamboo is our best selling line and make with a Bamboo Cotton. Very lightweight and comfortable, offered in the Trunk & Boxer Brief, Long Johns
  • Saxx Performance is our Athletic line, with a moisture wicking poly/spandex. Offered in Trunk, Boxer Brief, and Long Legs, Long Johns

What is your best selling style?

Our Best DSC_0474selling Style is the Saxx Bamboo Boxer Brief and a close second the Saxx Bamboo Trunk. The Bamboos are awesome.

You offer just black, are you going to expand into more colors.

We are going to have white available for Spring 2010 and we are also working on a custom print, boardshorts, and a low rise version of the underwear.

Where can people buy your undies at?
There is a store list at www.saxxapparel.com <http://www.saxxapparel.com/>  and if not buying through the website, check out one of our retail locations.

Any plans for the future you can share with us?

Make the most comfortable underwear for men around a quality and innovative brand.We’ve have some sport innovations in the works, a jock and some other products in the early development stages.

Saxx is the evolution of men’s underwear and once you try a pair you will be happy you did. Saxx look good on and we have designed the pouch to have room, which makes you look good!

Check out www.saxxapparel.com <http://www.saxxapparel.com/> to learn more about Saxx and thanks for your support.

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Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. These underwear are amazing, I’ve actually had a pair for a few months now and they are honestly the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned.

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