Out of France comes Todger, an energetic looking company ready to apply style “to the everyday tough guy.”  The designer, Patrick Kon, created Todger after realizing there was not much difference in overpriced remakes of original styles and the old trusty briefs.  The following was taken from the company itself in describing their product:

“TODGER is about sexy wearable cuts with high quality fabrics and sense of humour (the brand has a slick and chic logo with a twist in the name understandable only to the British). The secret is all in the underwear. It is a fashionable tool for men to feel and look sexy. It is not an intimidating image you must follow. That’s why our packaging is as simple as it is: we do not want to tell our clients how they should look. Actually, each man should be allowed to do what he wants with his own TODGER!”

The Slimer brief is made from 97% cotton and 3% Lycra.  The waistband is slightly over 1.5 inches (38.1 mm).  The lining and trimming is made of 93% bamboo and 7% elastane.  The care instructions are a bit picky as they recommend washing them at a maximum of 104°F (40°C), do not tumble dry, and do not have the dry cleaned or try to bleach them….I know you will not do either if you expect to own them for very long!

I was supplied with a pair of small baby blue Slimer briefs to review.  I wore them for a day of school, walking around campus and the mall, and then lounging around the house.  I was surprised at the great feel of the material.  It’s ribbed and soft at the same time.  I would not say that it is forgiving in the crotch area.  To be descriptive, I dress pointing downward and to the right.  I couldn’t do this in these briefs, finding that it compressed everything next to my body and making things uncomfortable.  I was forced to dress pointing upward and to the left.  This isn’t flattering in any kind of jeans and being totally honest, does not allow for any “happiness” while wearing them.  But, I am one person…and obviously not the model in the picture above.

The briefs sit low on the waist to the point of not exactly being on the waist.  If you aren’t used to the feeling of a low-lying brief, the Slimer brief may take a bit to get used to.  I am one of those people and it felt like I needed to pull my underwear up during the day.  I had to remind myself that if I made this mistake, I would be talking a few octives higher than normal.

In the design realm of things, I am being led to believe, from the recent briefs I have reviewed, that European companies love placing the care tags on the bottom of the waistband so that they hang down into the back of the underwear.  How loudly do I need to scream from Mount Elbrus in Europe that it is uncomfortable to have a care tag sliding across the top of your crack?  The first thing that will happen with many men is they will grab the first knife or pair of scissors they can find and cut the tag out of their new underwear….leaving no care instructions if the question of proper washing techniques arises.  Resolution: Place the tags along the waistband or no tag at all.  Stamp the instructions on the material just underneath the waistband.  The problem would be immediately solved.

Overall, the underwear feels great to wear.  Thinking that everyone who tries this brief will fall in love with it is totally ludicrous.  It will fit different people in different ways.  It will work perfectly on those with slimmer bodies and like a lower sitting waist.  It would not be advisable for those who enjoy more room in the crotch or, like me, dress downward.  The only way I can grade this brief is how it fits on me.  Take my recommendation with a grain of salt and judge it for yourself.

Fit:                        3
Materials:            5
Put Together:     5
Look:                    5
Daily Wear:         3
Overall:         4.2

The Todger Slimer brief can be purchased from the Todger website, located at http://www.thetodger.com.  While there, you can view their other styles by clicking the “SHOP” option at the top and clicking on the photo with the heading “New Basic.”  This line contains a brief, trunk, and traditional boxer.  Also, its brief and trunk feature the horizontal fly.  Todger, I believe, does a good job in supplying a choice of cuts for the everyday man.


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