We all agree that underwear should be fun. I decided to put that statement to a test. When I got a chance to pick some Pikante I chose the metallic silver Spotlight Anatoimc brief. It is not one that I would normally wear on a daily basis but sometimes we have to step outside the underwear comfort zone and try something new. This is the third pair of Pikante I have tried since loosing my weight.

My first impression was it’s a really cool pair, being all bright and shiny. The material is metallic (Polyester 93%, Spandex 7%.) but didn’t seem like it would stretch like other pairs I have received from Pikante. I was a little worried about the fit. On top of that is it has a zipper in the pouch. Need I go into detail how that can be bad for a guy? I don’t think so.  But I always try to have an open mind and I took an extra pair of undies to work just in case this pair didn’t work out.

I wore this pair to work. I didn’t want to do a review that was too intensive because I wasn’t sure how well this pair would hold up. The main concerns were it’s ability to move and breathe. So in the morning I put it on and liked the look of it. The fit surprised me; it didn’t fit as tight as I thought it would. It was snug but not too tight. As I wore it through the day my worries about it not breathing were put to rest. I could barely tell I was wearing a metallic pair. Granted I wouldn’t wear it to the gym or running but for daily wear or a date night you should be fine.

The zipper maybe a concern to most of you guys. I didn’t find it as a bother. The zipper is covered with fabric so it didn’t rub me in the wrong places. You may ask if I used it. For the review I unzipped it a few times during the day. Each time I as super careful zipping up. It worked fine and its not just decorative.


If you are familiar with Pikante and their sizing chart it’s pretty much spot on. I’m a size 36 waist and the XL fit me fine. I believe the XL fits 36-38. If you’re close to a 38 you may have an issue. These aren’t made for bigger guys. Being a former bigger guy it can be frustrating to find great undies in larger sizes. But follow the size guide and you should be fine.

I really liked this pair. Will I wear it weekly, probably not but it will definitely be a fun pair to wear on occasion. The major down fall for this pair is it’s hand watch only. If you wash it in the washer you may find the metallic fabric may not hold up. So put in the washer at your own risk. I would say another great place to wear this would be in a costume if you go to Cons. There could be some super creative things you can do with it. But for my daily wear it made me feel sexy all day, no one knew that I was wearing such a fun pair under my pants.


  • The Fun Factor is off the charts
  • Surprised by how it fit through out the day
  • Zipper is functional and not decorative


  • Wouldn’t recommend for works outs or heavy activities
  • Hand wash only


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Materials – 7
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance  –
  • Overall: 7.9

Pikante furnished this pair for review. The pair is also available  n black


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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