cockox-brief-beginningCocksox® is an Australian men’s underwear and swimwear company that make everything from long johns to super sexy thongs! All Cocksox® have one thing in common: an anatomically designed pouch to lift and support a man’s ‘manhood’. The Cocksox® pouch provides supreme comfort, support and an enhanced profile. Cocksox® do for men what the push-up bra does for women!

The Cocksox® pouch design is also suitable for highly active men. Many tri-athletes, cyclists, runners and swimmers wear Cocksox® because the pouch gives support like a jockstrap without being constrictive or bulky.

Guys give undies a hard time so Cocksox® underwear are made using the highest quality modern fabrics (Lycra®, Supplex® & Cotton-Lycra). They are hypo-allergenic, fast wicking, long lasting and have excellent shape retention.

Cocksox® swimwear is made from superior quality Lycra with high chlorine resistance, excellent wear properties and SPF 50+ sun protection.

All sorts of guys from all over the world buy Cocksox®, a lot of them being middle and upper income earners who appreciate the high quality design, quality manufacture and the good price point. Cocksox® customers include doctors, dentists, pilots, athletes, military personnel, celebrities, strippers, sheiks, swimmers, cyclists, clergymen and regular guys who like to go about their regular day with asexy secret in their trousers!

Some guys buy Cocksox® just for the fun name but are genuinely amazed by how comfortable and supportive they are and come back for more, and more! There are even Cocksox® customers who’ve thrown out all other underwear brands and only wear Cocksox®! One man requested custom made Cocksox® for his wedding night – we were happy to oblige.

From what started as a rude dare, Cocksox® has grown into a brand exported to almost every country on Earth. Retail stores in USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia sell Cocksox® and the number is growing all the time.

Who’s behind the brand:

Nadiah Christensen has been working in the apparel industry for 15 years and her garment designs and prints have featured at international fashion shows including Lyon Mode City and Salon International de la Lingerie de Paris.

Nigel Christensen, who is also a film producer, is the brains behind the provocative Cocksox® marketing campaigns.

Early in 2006 Nadiah, saw a need in the men’s underwear and swimwear market for high quality, sexy designs with enhancing qualities.

Running the concept past her partner, Nigel Christensen, he thought of the name Cocksox®! At first it seemed too rude but it was the perfect name for the garments and the attitude they embodied;
Sexy, provocative and fun!

In March 2006 they released the first Cocksox® ‘no rings, no slings’ enhancing underwear, triggering a revolution in men’s underwear around the world.

From humble beginnings Cocksox® now appears in international magazines, morning TV in England, movies and is currently in negotiations with pro athletes and pop stars for endorsement and marketing deals.



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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