What are the factors that we evaluate when buying underwear. I’m not only talking new brands but brands we know. We all have something different we look for and have different body types. Some issues that face guys are: endowment, butt size, long torso, shorter legs, stocky builds, thin builds, muscular thighs and the list goes on. Each of these brings a challenge to find great underwear. Adding this on top of our own fashion style, favorite color and fabrics makes it seem that finding a great pair is impossible. But if you’re like me this decision has become second nature. You evaluate tons of criteria all at once:


My own factors for finding great underwear are:

  • Sizing – The first qualification that can knock a pair out of consideration. I’m a tall stocky guy and down to a 36 (on a good day). Many pairs either just go up to a 36 or run too small for me to wear. There is nothing worse than putting on a pair of underwear and you can nearly get it on, but not quite!
  • Pouch – As long time readers know i’m an endowed guy so the pouch is a major factor. It has to cover me with out anything falling out
  • Materials – Nothing worse than a pair of underwear made out of itchy fabric. Two of my favorites are spandex/lycra blend and Modal. Both fit very well and conform to my body. I love soft and stretchy fabric.
  • Cut – My cut of choice are briefs. I like everything from bikinis to full sized briefs. I’m not a big fan of boxer briefs or trunks. I just love the feel and fit of briefs. They hold everything just right. Other cuts I like are thongs, jocks, jock briefs.
  • Color – I am not one guy who’s turned off by color, quite the opposite. I love bright colors and yes I do have pink undies. If given a choice between white/black or color I will most often choose the color. I’m not too big a pattern guy but its not a deal breaker. The brighter the color the more I like it.
  • Waistbands – It wouldn’t be a complete list without a waistband on the list. A great waistband can sell me on a pair. Creative and fun designs are the best. I think so many brands miss out on this opportunity to add something to a pair.
  • Brands I know – Its a bigger chance I will just buy a pair if I know the brand and have tired it before. Well, for impulse purchases

These are some of the decisions that lead to my buying new undies. Let’s hear from you guys! What do you use to buy new undies.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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