IMG_1087-2I got this topic from the Twitter chat last night. As more guys get into great underwear is it a gateway to other fashion including shoes, better shirts and pants? Over the last few years I have lost weight and have gone through a few lay offs so fashion has taken a back seat.

I looked through my closet and saw a bunch of geek shirts (Dr. Who, Firefly etc), polo shirts and t shirts. Not what you would call the cover of GQ material there. Then I looked in my underwear drawer and saw Gregg Homme, Andrew Christian, Baskit, Cocksox and tons more. I have better underwear then clothes and it got me thinking it’s time to step outside of my box.

This kind of started back in August. While at Magic I got tickets to see Celine Dion. Then I made the realization that I didn’t bring much grown up clothes. So I went to Ross, yes Ross Dress For Less, on the strip and got a nicer shirt and some better jeans. The jeans were low rise and had designs on the pocket really out of my comfort zone but I did it. I felt better about myself.

Flash forward till last night and I mentioned that Jason Scarlatti told me about a shoe company at magic. When Tweeted he said “Best dressed starts with underwear and ends in shoes..and coats, and accessories” and I couldn’t agree more. I have been better dressed in my younger days and plan to be going forward.

I will admit that I stepped up my dress at magic this year. Before I thought I looked schlubby. Meaning it was an untucked polo and reg jeans. This time I wore a button up shirt all three days and better jeans. I am going to do much better in the dressing, granted right now it will have to be on a budget but it can be done!

This makes me wonder. I know many gay readers already mix great fashion with undies. They have underwear for different activities and outfits. But, for those getting into it and are fashion challenged (I consider myself in this category, and can be gay or straight), will great undies inspire them to expand their horizons?

Picture by Baskit from a few years ago featuring Nick Youngquest


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