2eros-honolulu2EROS is on fire this year and i LOVE it. Their previous swimwear was pretty much solids. No longer, they are now doing patters and prints! The previous Geometric is an amazing pair you have to see. Like I said it may not stand out in pictures but see it in person if you can!

The newest swimwear they have is the Honolulu. Which is a yellow or blue body with a flower print. It’s a pair that will get you noticed on the beach. It’s bright and fun the way swimwear should be!

I think too many times we loose sight that our underwear and swimwear should be fun. We get stuck in a certain color or style and never venture out of that box. I think its time we all do. If you want to try something new and not go crazy, I would say go with the blue. It’s a little more subtle but still has the great tropical flower print on the front and back.

If you want to go wild and fun go with the yellow. This is a bright yellow that will get you noticed on the beach. The contrast in the yellow and pink makes this pair pop. Its making me want to get back in swim brief shape!

These two pairs are made out of 100% polyester. Don’t let that scare you off this isn’t your old school polyester! It also has a roomier pouch than previous swimwear from 2EROS, so if you had a problem you may wan to check this pair out.

I am really loving these. I saw them at their booth in Vegas and they were the first thing that caught my eye. They were amazing and fun. I think Jason outdid himself this time! Find this and more at the 2EROS site. If you get a pair let us know and send us pics in them!

V1021_SU_B V1021_SU_F V1021_SU_1 V1021_SU_2 V1021_BU_1a V1021_BL_B V1021_BL_F V1021_BU_2


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  1. I love the blue! It’s an unusual hue that complements the print nicely. The cut of the bikini also flatters the male form without being risqué. Well-done 2eros!

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