10172843_10152009427145079_1368873767385691290_nIt’s become pretty clear that underwear brands are not just relying on in-store markets to pump up sales; social media plays a big part in connecting brands to buyers in today’s world. If you’re like me or any of the other guys on the site, you too might be following your favorite brands on Twitter, Instagram and the like. While the steady stream of pictures of barely-clothed men is nice, it is also a great way to find out about the newest styles of underwear that are about to hit the market. And with any luck…it’s also a great way to find out about some awesome sales.

When I came on to the UNB staff page a number of weeks ago, UNBTim told me he was jealous of the fact that I lived in LA, because a few of the great brands we’re use to reviewing are based out here. Of course, Andrew Christian is the first that comes to mind, as he has a few store fronts out here (the West Hollywood store is only about 20 minuets from me). Recently, I began following N2N Bodywear on their new Instagram page (@N2Nofficial) and was happy to find out that its warehouse is even closer to me, about a 10 minute drive away!

Shortly after I began following them on Instagram, they posted about a pre-white party event they were going to be having in the warehouse, with underwear, swimwear and activewear on sale from $5-30. With prices like that, I knew I didn’t have an excuse not to go, especially since it was so close to my house! So midday on Saturday, my boyfriend and I jumped in the car and headed downtown to take a look.

Immediately I noticed how impressive the store front looked; plenty of merchandise in the windows and great looking banners with stunning models. When I rang the doorbell to get in, we were immediately greeted with open arms, literally! Andrew (who I would later find out to be the owner and creator of N2N Bodywear) answered the door, shook our hands and promptly walked us through a tour of the warehouse. We walked through what is the entirety of their distribution warehouse, with rows upon rows and boxes upon boxes of underwear. It was, in short, like I had died and gone to heaven.

Andrew was a gracious host and showed us the backroom where he had laid out all of the boxes of merchandise that was on sale. Underwear was typically $5, swim was typically $15 and active was around $30. We spent about 30 minuets looking through stuff before I finally deciding on two pairs of swim apparel, (stay tuned for some reviews maybe….?) but I honestly could have purchased it all. Not only did Andrew and N2N make it a great buying experience, the sale prices were out of this world and I was thoroughly impressed by all the pieces I saw: nothing but high quality materials and great designs. Andrew hugged us on our way out as well…what a guy! I can’t wait for the next sale!

Be sure to check out the entirety of the N2N Bodywear collection, available online at http://www.n2nbodywear.com/. And follow them on Instagram! @N2nofficial. And as always, don’t forget to drop me a tweet at @UNBPaul, and let me know what you think.



  1. TerryGauchat Reply

    I miss the only N2N carrying store in San Francisco… Injeanious on Castro St.

  2. What a great opportunity. Congratulations on getting to meet the founder and getting some great bargains. Thanks for sharing!

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