sly-zebra-briefsToday I had the chance to review a new brand that I had never seen before which was very exciting to me.  I was also excited about the chance to introduce my thoughts on this pair with all of the UNB fans.  The brand is Sly and I had the pleasure of reviewing the Zebra brief.  When I first opened the package I was excited to see the familiar black and white pattern thinking to myself “well, I don’t have anything animal print’ and excited to slip them on.  It reminded me of when you used to hear comments about being naughty for being red underwear, now it’s my wild zebra print!

Upon first feel, the cotton material was very soft to the touch which made me excited because I knew comfort was a clear goal for this company.  They are bigger than most of the briefs I wear but should be perfect for the man that is looking for something shorter than a trunk but covers more than a small bikini.  I wear a medium and they stayed true to size for me.  They seemed to fit just right, not feeling constricted or loose.  I also noticed a small black pocket on the side of the pouch about the size of a little square.  Let’s be honest.  If you want to wear these in hopes of taking them off at the end of your date, you don’t have to keep your condom in your wallet.

I decided to give these pair a run over the weekend as they seemed very comfortable looking for a day of relaxation and me time.  I slipped them on after my morning shower and prepared for a day of house work, errands, and spending time with friends.  They felt great when I put them on.  The material was very comfortable.  After a few hours of wearing the underwear, I did begin to feel partially constricted in the front.  The pouch did not give me as much support as I need and I found myself adjusting myself quite often.  This could also be because I am used to smaller briefs.  I would have liked to see a little more room in the pouch for additional support to keep everything comfortable throughout the day.  Everywhere else the pair fit me great.  I never had any problems in the back which is a relief when it comes to constant movement of sitting down, walking, and moving around.  This is a huge benefit for anyone who knows how it feels to constantly feel like your underwear is riding up!

I normally wear a 32 inch waist pair of pants and medium and most of my underwear. I reviewed the sly brief and a medium and I can honestly say it was true to its sizing and my 32 inch waist. I did not feel that the underwear was too tight or too loose so there was no need for me to even think of trying on a small or large because the medium fit perfectly. Many underwear brands can sometimes be misleading because they’re sizing does not match up to what we are accustomed to however sly did not do this to their customers. They managed to pull off the correct size and the correct scale for comfort.

Overall, this underwear held up good for my day.  Unfortunately, at the end of my day, I slid them off, condom still in its pocket.  Maybe next time 😉


  • Fun print
  • Creative compartment with pocket for money, condom, key, etc.
  • Soft, comfortable material


  • Not enough support in the pouch
  • Style – hope there is a smaller style (bikini like)



  • Daily Fit = 7
  • Sizing = 9
  • Construction/Materials = 8
  • Styling = 7
  • Daily Performance = 7
  • Overall = 7


Sly Collective furnished this pair for review.





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