cocksox-siteIf you’re a fan of Cocksox and haven’t been to their site in a while we suggest you go now! We briefly covered this in a Brief Distraction last week but wanted to give you more info about it. You maybe going, “yeah but it’s a new site not rocket science.” This is true but they have done something to their site you need to know.

Just recently they launched the CSX line. Its a subtle rebinding of the line to have more people to get to know the brand. Not everyone wants to wear underwear that says Cocksox. I do, but many retailers and people kinda shy away from the brand for that one word. This causes them to miss out on a great underwear line.

The image above (shot by Jerrad Matthew) is the home page. You have two choices to go to the Active Male side or the Alpha Male side. The Active Male features the new CSX line. Where as the Alpha Male is the traditional Cocksox we all love and know.

The site is very easy to navigate and loads quickly. Its a great redesign for a great brand. Their old site was much like the UNB site, it’s fully functional but after a while it’s time to update to a more modern design. I say it’s a great job!



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