SONY DSCPetitQ has become a brand I have associated with the idea of being a purely sexy brand that knows how to show off a man’s body. I had admired their sexy, skimpy underwear and was excited at the opportunity to review my first pair. I got the PQ40 bikini in the mail and was excited at slipping it on and experiencing the hype I had made in my head all this time. At first glance, the bikini seemed like a basic white brief. I noticed a soft comfortable feel to the pair in my hands, made from a nylon and poly blend. As I slipped it on, I was surprised and excited to notice that half of the front of the bikini was a sheer material! I thought to myself “this is the PetitQ I know!” Not only did they feel great and soft but they looked very sexy too. The hidden fabric meets the sheer fabric right down the center of your package, exposing half to whoever you want while keeping half under wraps. I thought to myself “if I push my package a little to the right I can be modest, but if I push it to the left, I can be naughty.” It’s a great pair for a guy to be a little sexy and a little conservative in.

I wore them through a very busy day at work which consisted of all of the normal movements with sitting, standing, walking, and driving which is the perfect combination to test drive any new pair of underwear. This pair passed all of the tests with flying colors! It was comfortable all day long and I had no problems with adjusting my package, riding up, or uncomfortable wear. This had been a first for me in a very long time. Any guy that goes through a lot of movement in a day, whether it be in a professional manner, athletic manner, or other, wants a pair of underwear he can rely on to be comfortable and not interrupt his plan. This pair did that. Many people would probably think that a pair of underwear that was novelty in fashion would not hold up against the normal movement of day to day way of life. PetitQ has managed to combine sexy and comfort in this bikini and I applaud them for that.

I wear a medium, size 32″ waist, and this pair held up to the size of my waist perfectly. It fit great around the waist, covered my package and butt comfortably, and allowed enough room for nothing to be smashed at all.

An important fact to learn about this pair of bikinis is that a novelty, sexy brand such as PetitQ does not have to be worn for a short period of time, such as a sexual fantasy. Sexy pairs of underwear can be practical, suggesting that after wearing them for a long day of work can still surprise your loved one when you get home from work and drop the pants! Anyone looking for a great pair of underwear to wear for the day that translates into a fun night in the bedroom should check out PetitQ.


  • Comfortable
  • Sexy
  • See thru


  • Slimmer sides
  • More options in style and color



  • Daily Fit = 9
  • Sizing = 9
  • Construction/Materials = 9
  • Styling = 9
  • Daily Performance = 9
  • Overall = 9

This pair was furnished for review by PetitQ and can be found on their site.


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