Turbo-2xistFor this 4th installment of the “12 Pairs Every Man Should Own” segment, I’m keeping to my crusade for the brief! This time however, we’re talking about something with more of a twist. Consider this the advanced level of my “12 pairs” suggestion, if you will. The 2xist “Turbo No Show Brief” is another pair for the books. 2xist has been making men’s underwear for a long time and it definitely shows; the quality and breadth of options is the product of many years of refining and honing their look. The results of that process are at the root of my recommendation.

The Turbo line of underwear from 2xist is just an overall fun addition to the brand. Let’s talk looks first: sporting an impressive 5 different color options, the Turbo No Show Brief is sure to have a color for everyone’s interest: whether it’s “Fiery Red” for a hot date look, or “Azure Blue” for the gym. Each style comes with a color contrast side panel for an extra pop of color as well. Your “Fiery Red” comes equipped with blue accents, and darker blue panels and red piping compliment your “Azure Blue”. For those of you who appreciate the “one stop shop” method of purchasing underwear, this means you can have a nicely diverse collection of pairs with just a few clicks of your mouse. So, they look great and come in a few cool colors. Cool. Awesome. Not enough to be on the list, right? You’re absolutely right! So let’s talk about fit, function and finances.

Coming in at a cool $26 might be a little steep for guys who are new to the market, but overall, these pairs fall on the cheaper end of the spectrum. For the money, you’re getting a brief that is made from great quality fabric that, while breathable, also hugs close to the body for a sexy and sleek feel. The material is so weightless that you almost forget you’re wearing underwear when you have them on. The high cut on the thigh comes in at a comfortable angle on the leg, and the no show band sits low on the waist. A solid design for a solid pair, and a pretty reasonable price. This makes the 2xist Turbo No Show Brief, a must have.

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