tumblr_n1qikaaDSJ1r8qddoo1_500At some point in time, briefs went very out of style for a lot of men. I’ve heard arguments from every conceivable angle: looks, comfort, durability, others reception of them…for whatever reason, a vast majority of men (especially my straight counterparts) no longer consider them an option for day to day wear. In this installment of 12 Pairs Every Man Should Own, I’m calling for a return to briefs! These ain’t your Granddaddy’s tighty whities anymore.

I cannot say enough good things about the PUMP! Brand of underwear. Having, in my opinion, some of the best marketing of any underwear brand in the market, it should come as no surprise that I myself own many pairs. One of their classic pairs, their “Touchdown Panther Brief” has rapidly become one of my favorite pairs to wear and I can’t imagine it not being on this list.

Let’s talk basics. PUMP!’s commitment to a clean, athletic look means this pair reaches across the aisle for both gay and straight men alike. This look is backed up with high quality, breathable materials. The main structure of the pair is composed of durable, cool mesh: perfect for hanging around the house, getting down at the club or working out at the gym. The thick waistband means you’ll be offered full support in the cup all day long, and the high-quality piping around the legs prevents the pair from riding up your thigh making it perfect for athletic endeavors.

While PUMP! offers plenty of options in the classic “tighty whitey” color scheme, the Panther brief comes in a sleek black and blue design which, if you weren’t already convinced by the construction and the materials, further distances itself from the briefs of old. Add this pair to your collection this summer and let it be your first step back into the world of briefs.

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