mbl02-red-gWould you dare to wear lace? I hear many of you out there going “no way,” “That isn’t my thing” or “If I wanted women’s underwear, I’d buy it.” Lace underwear is one of those things that has always caused controversy on UNB. There are guys who love it and those who would NEVER wear it.

A few years ago we did a week-long series of MaleBasics reviews on the lace undies. Some of our guys gave it a try. It turned out pretty well overall. The guys who reviewed wanted to try it out.

We go back to about 2010, which is when the trend of men’s lace underwear started to come into underwear market. The main thing that surprised me was the creativity the companies had about the new lines. Some of the pairs were inspired to look like women’s underwear. Believe it or not there are plenty of guys out there who love wearing women’s underwear. But, men don’t fit well in those pairs because they aren’t made for us

Then there were companies that took lace and made underwear for men. This is just taking the lace fabric and creating underwear for men and inspired by men. This includes making briefs, thongs and other pairs out of solid or partial lace. The one style that surprised me was a jockstrap. Male Basics took a jock and turned it into something interesting out of lace.

My personal point of view is there is nothing wrong with lace underwear. I have reviewed a pair of Male Power and it fit amazing. I was really surprised how supportive and great they felt. I worried the fabric wouldn’t give or things wouldn’t fit right. Granted I can’t find the pair now, so it kind of makes me upset I don’t have it still in my drawer.

I have talked to some of our readers. One reader really likes guys in lace underwear. He said “it’s the mix of masculine and feminine. Seeing a masculine guy in lace just is a great mix” That is one opinion another is “Guys should look like guys” and not wear something that looks like a woman will wear.

Those of you out there who have never thought about lace maybe wondering if sexual orientation is brought into the mix. I have talked to plenty of guys about underwear, gay/bi/straight and guys across all like and dislike lace underwear. So, in my unscientific research sexual orientation is not important in this. I have heard straight guys say they love it and so do their girlfriends. Then I had gay guys say no way would they wear lace.

This brings me to the point of this post. We all love amazing underwear. Each of us has a specific style, fabric or brand we love most. Would you wear lace underwear? Why would you or wouldn’t you? What would your significant other think of seeing you in lace?


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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