There is one thing that has always surprised me running UNB, is the number of guys who would never go shopping for underwear in person. They do 100% of their shopping online and don’t want to go into a store. This concept is foreign to me!

For as long as I can remember I used to go to the “Boy Next Door” or Macy’s here in Atlanta to find underwear. It’s always been fun just to go see the new styles or brands. I remember the first time I saw 2(X)ist, Go Softwear and C-IN2. They were all in stores!

So this had me wondering why is it there are guys who don’t want to shop in person?

Well the first reason I came up with is many guys are very personal and private. They don’t want a store clerk to judge them for buying a thong. They would rather be a faceless customer to an online store. If they had to walk up to a cash register and put a thong on the counter and pay for it. Well it would never happen.

Next, they equate buying great underwear with sexuality. This is one of the biggest myths in underwear. Guys think if they buy a great pair of briefs that they must be gay. Lately, more straight guys are buying underwear so you can’t “judge a book by its cover.” In fact most people who work in stores won’t blink an eye, especially if it’s an underwear store. They won’t care if you’re gay/straight/bi.

There are no stores in your area. I know if you’re in mid-America or live in a rural area your options are limited. Most underwear stores are in larger cities. I remember there used to be one in Des Moines, Iowa, but it went out of business. The market in Iowa is not the same as in NYC or LA. This is a hard one to over come. But if you go on vacation, find an underwear store and do some shopping

Lastly, some guys just get turned on buying underwear. I have fallen into this category when I was younger. Something about picking out underwear that just turns you on. For some this can be problematic in public while others it’s only mildly so. Over the years this has calmed down for me but sometimes I still get a little tingle when I go shopping. This usually depends on the place.

Let’s say you’re one of these guys who has never shopped in person and want to venture out to an underwear store. I say do it! Here are some reasons to do it in person.

Underwear needs to be seen and felt. After going to Magic/Curve this has taught me some of the pictures for underwear never do a pair justice. But, once you see a pair the color pops and you must have it. Also, feeling the material is part of the shopping experience. You wouldn’t buy a shirt or pants with out feeling them would you? You want clothes that feel good.

If you go shopping at a store that is all or a majority of underwear the staff can make recommendations. Most people in an underwear store will know the styles and make recommendations. Say you like 2(X)ist but are in a mood to try something new, they can recommend something they have that has a similar fit or fabric. You can be exposed to new brands.

Shopping is social, well it is to me. I love going shopping with a buddy who loves underwear. Much like a staff recommendation, a recommendation from a friend carries more weight then anyone else. I love helping a friend find new underwear or open their mind to new styles or fabrics. I have many friends who come to me for advice about brands they read on the site. It’s just fun to share!

If you are a guy who doesn’t shop in underwear stores I would suggest giving it a try. I’m not saying to give up shopping online. You can get some amazing deals and brands your local store doesn’t’ carry. Shopping in person you may be exposed to a new fabric or brand you wouldn’t have considered until you felt it. So mix up your shopping experience. If you do let me know how it goes !

Picture is from Brief Charlotte


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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