Are you a fan of SupaWear? If you are you should know that the Supa Fly collection now has two new colors. Those colors are Red and Black. The Supa Fly collection had been some bright colors, such as yellow, green and bright blue. There weren’t many, for a lack of better word, classic colors. You can see by the pics the two colors in the brief and trunk. It is also available in their jock, but we don’t have pics on here to show you!

The new colors still have the great Supa Fly waistband. This is a waistband I really love. It’s made with the SP logo in the middle with wings on the side. Hence the wings in the picture above.

This is from the same makers of 2EROS. While this maybe a lower price point brand the quality is still as amazing as 2EROS! SupaWear is what they call “Delicious Underwear!” You can find SupaWear at their site or a retailer near you!



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