Singlets have come on strong in the market but runners are taking a second place in the gear market. They have always been around for runners and biking, but now they are becoming popular with the rest of the guys out there. Over the last few years many companies have started making them. But, they have always come at a cost. Most are around $50 and others as high as $100.

Enter to the runner market. Last month they did swimwear and now they bring the same pricing philosophy to the work dog runners. They have created three different colors. Blue/red, blue/yellow and Purple/yellow. The best thing is the price. They are retailing on the site for $17.99. That’s right under $20 bucks.

If these are anything like their undies, they will be very well made. The undies I got reminded me of brand name undies. I still don’t know how they do the prices they do. But if you love runners or want to try them, give brand a try!

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