Candyman-Collection-0009One of the great things about Fetish Friday is stretching fantasy into another dimension. With Halloween around the corner, it seemed like a perfect time to discuss the roleplay fetish and how underwear can enhance this experience. Everyone has heard of sexual encounters where partners pretend to be someone else. There is the doctor and patient, cop and robber, and even the contractor and the homeowner. The possibilities are endless when it comes to roles and scenarios that you can play out. Imagine if there was underwear that could take this roleplay to a whole new level.


Candyman Fashion is an underwear brand that takes underwear and mixes them with sexy costumers to bring a new playfulness to the bedroom. Take for instance, the police officer. The costume underwear features a boxer brief with a fun police design on it. The outfit is complete with a hat, tie, and cuffs to add to the fantasy that this hot cop is going to arrest someone. Another fun costume they feature is the fireman. This boxer brief comes with a strategically placed hose that will be sure to be used before the night is over. The great thing about the Candyman brand is that they recognize fantasy and fun and capitalize on it in their design. These pairs can be worn briefly in part under a pair of pants but are better meant for getting back to the house after dinner and slipping into something more comfortable!

Apart from sexy costumes, Candyman also offers a great variety of fun and stylish underwear with bright vibrant colors, shimmer, zippers, and mesh. These are all excellent additions to the fetish family as they allow for eye popping appeal and have the capability of showing off some skin.

Costumes area a great way to let your imagine run wild and let your inhibitions down. They can add a new dynamic in your sexual encounters or let you escape reality for a day as a character. Since it is Halloween, if you are going to any untraditional costume parties and are feeling a little brave, Candyman could be a winner for sexiest costume! Just make sure it is a warm night!


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