frankdandy long johnsIt’s that time of the year where warmth outweighs fashion in just about everything! However, Frank Dandy will change your mind on that after seeing these long johns. They are one of the more creative companies when it comes to patterns an prints. They usually have fun and whimsical prints in their collections each year. This year is no exception.

They have 10 different prints (4 of my favorites posted above) and 3 solids. I think if your’e going to get the long johns you gotta go for the prints. I mean there are a ton of solids out there! My favorite is the first, which is a print of toy Robots and called Robots. It also comes in a red back ground! I love this print so much.

My second favorite is the red, white and blue striped (3rd in the line) called the Honest Al striped, and one to the left is the Honest Al Block both are super fun. I love the red pouch on the block! My last favorite is the Big Bro stripe. All amazingly fun and festive. You will be warm and stylish at the same time.

All the Frank Dandy printed long johns are $59 and the slide are $39. So be warm and stylish at once!


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