The League range from aussieBum is a staple of the brand. Each year this line is updated. Some years its a a slight color update, meaning they add one or two colors. Other times they do a complete revamp. This year they did a complete revamp of the line. The colors they chose are a mix of colors you don’t normally see in swimmer. I really like the color selections.

The colors they chose are: Flamingos (pictured above), Peacocks, Sharks, Sparrows, Dolphins, Tiger, Doves, Leopard and Whales. Can you guess which colors is which? I bet you can’t. Well Flamingos is pink, Peacocks is a teal, Sharks is a lighter blue, Sparrows is red, Dolphins is a medium blue, Tiger is orange, Doves is white, Leopard is black and Whales is a dark blue. All pretty cool colors.

The line is a square cut design. Each year is represented on the front right hip or back in the number. This year is 15 so there is a 15 on it. This series has been around for over 5 years so you may have seen it on the net with different pictures. The first time I remember seeing it was in 2010 and they did a Water Polo shoot.

It’s a great suit for those not wanting to go full swim brief but wear something fun at the beach or pool. With the addition of these amazing colors you will stand out for sure. Especially if you wear the Flamingos pink suit. That suit, mark my words will be one of the first to sell out. Pink in swimwear is always awesome. Pink isn’t going anywhere in men’s underwear or swimwear.

If you are interested in the line you can see all the pictures at the aussieBum site. The suits retail for $36.21 on the aussieBum site.


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