IMG_9281We are still tabulating the UNB Reader survey and are finding out some great things! This time we found out what you guys hate about underwear! There are quite a few things you guys can’t stand when picking new underwear. Some of them I figured we would have and others out there like some specific things! There is no right or wrong. Here are the top things you guys hate about underwear. These are in reverse order:

Construction Issues – You guys hate when a pair of underwear isn’t made well or hold up. This includes leg openings being too tight, waistbands that roll, and seams issues. You guys want a pair that is well made that hold up to many washings and keep their shape.

Design Issues – Design is the one thing that sets underwear companies apart. One of the design issues that struck me was a guy commented on how he hates thongs with a strap too big in the back! I couldn’t agree more. Other issues you guys hate are using too much material and having the pair bunch up, too high or too low waist and lastly cut outs! Cut out is a trend that many of you don’t like!

Labels/Tags – This one I figured would be up there. Its also pretty simple that tags in the wrong place, scratchy or annoying tags. I think designers are getting better on this but there are still many complaints. Nothing can ruin a pair of underwear more than a bad tag! It will take all the attention away from the good and just focus on the bad!

Bad Materials – Bad Fabric! This was up there in the list! This includes itchy, non breathable and not able to keep its shape. We all have different functions for our underwear. Its important to wear a pair that is prefect for that activity. Fabric is one of my top criteria for underwear. We must be comfortable in what we buy or we should just go back to buying 6 pairs at a big box store!

Pouch Issues – This one totally surprised me. And before you go its the guys who need a big pouch, it was also guys who hate a too big of a pouch. It was a good mix of guys who need room and those who don’t. There were a good number who wanted a pair with great support. But the ones that surprised me most were “floppy pouches” haters. To me a pouch can make or break  pair. It can meet everything else but be too tight or no support and I can’t wear it. You guys feel the same regardless of your size in the pouch!

Sizing – This should be no surprise for anyone. Sizing was hands down the number 1 thing you guys hate the most. The vast majority of you complained about the lack of standard in sizing. How one brand you are a small and a another you are a medium. Many asked why there can’t be standard sizing of underwear. Which is hard to do because different parts of the world, people are made different. But this is not a world issue there are companies based in the US that have crazy sizes. Make sure you always check sizing charts but that is another complaint as well, sizing charts that don’t reflect real sizes!

These are just a few of the issues you guys have. I would love to hear more of what you guys hate in underwear. Leave a comment or Tweet us!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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