tailored_harness_site4Harnesses are BIG right now. In the world of fetishwear harnesses are the new singlet. Just about every company has one these days. In the years gone by the harness was a piece of clothing you would just find at a leather bar or S&M club. The only other place you would find them worn would be at Pride celebrations around the country.

Now they are going mainstream. Its not uncommon to see them on the net and in stores. What is making this happen? I think its guys want to have fun and wear something to show off in. I could be wrong but I think we will see a lot more harnesses going forward.

Now onto Fetish Friday! When I was thinking who we should pic to feature a harness, Slick It Up was the first company that came to mind. They make amazing fetishwear in spandex and other fun, tight materials. After looking through their site the Tailored Harness and Perfect Jock were for a lack of better word, perfect!

The Tailored Harness is not an over the shoulder harness you are familiar with. Most go like an X across the chest or on the upper chest and arms. This harness is tailored like mens clothing so it will accent the body. The design minimizes the waist and brings attention to the parts of the body you want to show off. That means it is the traditional harness on the chest but goes down to your mid thigh. The Tailored Harness retails for $84.

The Perfect Jock is paired with the Tailored Harness. It doesn’t have to be worn with it, but does make a nice combination.  The three panel design of the jock has the look of leather. However, its not leather but a spandex material made to look like leather. If you have ever worn a leather jock you know it can be very hot after a while. This will give you the look of leather with the wearability and ease of care of spandex. That means it can wear it under anything! The Perfect Jock retails for $38.

Find both of these pairs on the Slick It Up website.


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