My name is Peter. I am 25 years old and I currently reside in El Monte, California. My love for underwear started around the age of 16 when I was still a junior in high school.  I purchased a pair of Joe Boxer boxer shorts. Soon afterwards seeing the models on the packaging promoting guys to have fun in their underwear. It got me thinking of what other brands there were out there aside from all the Fruit of the Loom and Hanes. I would see guys wearing in the locker room during gym class.

I was always hesitant to buy anything other than boxers. Even boxer briefs was me “pushing the envelope.” On account of anything other than that wouldn’t seem masculine. Living at home with conservative parents made my curiosity in exploring underwear even greater. It was only years later during my first year in college that, through social media, I discovered the site Andrew Christian. I was intrigued by the idea of their underwear having a pouch that would support your package. Not crush it like traditional tightey whities. Untraditional cuts and colors you would never find at your local Walmart, this site had it all.

The Andrew Christian Retro Pop boxer was my first ever purchase of underwear. Which wasn’t from your run of the mill retail store. Since I no longer lives at home, it made the anticipation of trying it on even greater. Oh man, the style, the support.  The emphasis that boxer placed on my front side. As well as the back made me mad that I didn’t order more undies my first purchase. It was a pair that for once made me feel sexy and free. Yes it was a pair of boxers but in true Andrew Christian style, the underwear held everything in place and more.

After that pair, I started looking for any other site that could offer me similar choices. Maybe even something more provocative? It was by exploring the Internet, that I discovered many other sites and brands to choose from. Whereas in high school I was mortified to try anything new.  I now feel proud and confident to undress in the gym locker room and show off my undies.  In hopes that other guys out here either straight or gay will get the courage to feel proud by what they wear underneath their clothes. Underwear is the first piece of clothing you try on before you start your day. It deserves just as much attention as the rest of your outfit.

My favorite pair of underwear at the moment is the Wonderjock Pro trunk from Aussiebum. I bought it in Hipster Red about one month ago. I am in love with this undie from the land down under, which is exactly where this trunk makes me feel most happiest. What intrigued me most about this pair was the Wonderjock Technology that enhances the look of a man’s junk. With a pouch that holds and supports your package at the same time. Made from 90% cotton and 10% Elastane memory yarn.

My pair I bought was in a Hipster Red trunk. The simplicity of the trunk’s design on the outside is what I liked about it.  Due to the fact that the enhancing pouch is what the pair is all about. To add anything to the trunk would have been overkill. The blue and light grey waist band boasting the Aussiebum logo gives it the perfect touch. Not too simple yet not too plain either. For me to like a pair of underwear. The waistband has to have that right amount of flash to it. That will make me proud to show off the brand depending on who is around me and this undie did not disappoint in that area. This trunk for me really helped enhance not only my package but my thighs and butt as well. The cut of the trunk in the leg area is one that makes your thighs look more thick (in my opinion). While the back of the trunk is snug and supportive that makes my butt look nice and perky.

The cotton material on this trunk is unbelievably comfortable. It is pretty stretchy and soft. Key factors that make or break my underwear purchases. The material really does make me feel as if I’m forgetting undies at all, it’s that soft. This pair offers me that tight and sexy support throughout the day. That gives me that extra pep in my step while I am at work or on a date. When it comes to sizing, this pair is pretty true to size except in my case. Yes the underwear is exceptional in all the right areas but my case the area of concern was the leg area. I have thick thighs and a pretty big butt. That sometimes cause me to have to adjust the leg area of the trunk both front and back from time to time. It is a small problem but it is noticeable to me nonetheless.

So if you have a little more junk in your trunk and/or thick lower half, I would suggest bumping up a size. Other than that, I am sure that Aussiebum got their sizing right in this department. In my case it was just a little too snug at times. Still my favorite pair at the end of the day though. I ordered my trunk online and you guys can get this sexy pair of underwear online too at Aussiebum.com.  The Wonderjock also comes in a brief and jock that I hope to check out next. Also, make sure to check out their sales throughout the week. You won’t be disappointed.


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