Rolling into January is a great time to review everything from the past year, especially underwear! I decided to dig up all the pairs I got in 2017 and give some thoughts and highlights. Writing it all down makes it a little eye-opening. Depending on who you are, this might seem like a ton or a slow year, but it felt like a decent amount for me.

New pairs: 33

  • Briefs: 27
  • Thongs: 3
  • Tanga/bikinis: 3

Brands: Gregg Homme, Cocksox, Andrew Christian, 2(x)ist, Joe Snyder, Justin Case


  • Tried lace for the first time! Love them and will definitely get more!
  • Modal material is my favorite; feels great, excellent stretch
  • I clearly have a thing for briefs but I’m always willing to try anything new.

Favorite pair:

Outlook for 2018:

  • I want more lace! It’s an area that’s growing and I feel like you just need to try it to see how great it makes you look and feel. Brands have been great about expanding their offerings and there’s plenty of new ones I want!
  • I’d like to get into some of the fetish and gear options. Brands like Cellblock 13 and Nasty Pig have some great looks and color combos that I really want to try!
  • I averaged less than 3 pairs a month in 2017. I think I can bump that up, especially with so many brands and pairs I want to try this year!

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  1. Which thongs did you get? How often did you wear them and what did you think of them?

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