Tell our readers a little bit about you. What made you get into modeling? When did you first model underwear/swimwear?

A: It was kind of a fluke, actually. I friend of mine Facebook messaged me one day, suggesting that I’d be good for a project and to call our local talent agent. Fortunately, I knew who she was. So, I wrote her a note, and she got back to me saying that while the job was cast, she had already thought of working with me. It was kind of serendipitous. I went down and saw her and she added me to her roster. Since then, I’ve done local and regional commercials mostly, and some print. Also, I’ve done a TV pilot, and been considered for some L.A. projects. I’ve always been around media. Both my parents were involved in journalism at one point in their lives, and I studied it, too. I had already been in radio and had appeared on TV, mostly for charitable purposes or for interviews. And I had been involved in documentary production and event production, too. I was also the head of an orchestra association, planning big concerts and other productions. My training took me into public speaking at a young age, and I’ve done a lot of emceeing of events and have hosted events, such as fashion shows. I was even the emcee for a small revue. But, I think, the biggest influence was having been a figure skater from a young age. I found that after my nerves settle, I love performance. I love production. But, honestly, this is my first time modeling swimwear or underwear. Being into athletics and fitness probably has given me the confidence.

You just shot with us in Vegas, what was that shoot like? How did the shoot go?

A: Yes, I did. Well, it was really, again, kind of serendipitous how it all happened. The photographer, German Arementa, and I had wanted to work together for about a year. But he is centered in Mexico City. So, it was really about finding the right time and place. Fortunately, he was going to be in Las Vegas, and I live in Reno, Nevada. So, the stars aligned for us in that sense, but the bonus was that German works with Tim Goleman who runs this blog. What resulted was a collaboration. German is a dear man and a good director. That made the shoot easier under the circumstances of my traveling to Las Vegas and fitting into a short window of time to get the photographs done. German had other shoots and a fashion expo to attend, as did Tim. Admittedly, I was a bit tired, and we rushed to shoot. But I think the result is good. At least I hope so. Of course, it helps to have great brands to model.

What other types of modeling have you done? Have you done underwear/swimwear modeling before?

A: As I mentioned before, this is my first time modeling swimwear or underwear professionally. I started my own small collection of swimwear a few years ago and, it’s true I like to wear Speedo-type styles on the beach, but that was really the extent of my public “exposure” before this opportunity. Before this, I had done mostly commercials and some print and a few local fashion shows, but not for swimwear or underwear.

Outside of modeling and working out what do you do in your downtime? What are your hobbies and interests? 

A: I’m a big community advocate, and I spend a lot of time trying to promote positive change in Nevada, especially Northern Nevada. I’ve started a few organizations, such as the Northern Nevada LGBTQ Leadership Alliance (NALA) and the Nevada Interfaith Coalition for Equality and Inclusion (NiCE). I also proposed and spearheaded the creation of the Human Rights Commission for the City of Reno, a project that took a few years to realize. Some people say I’m a social influencer or thought leader. I wouldn’t classify myself as such. I just know that my mission is to help do good in the world using compassion and charity of heart as the foundation for creative and holistic ways of healing a suffering world, especially in such unprecedented times as these. I love being around people and being in community, so the Coronavirus pandemic is perhaps especially difficult for me to adjust to in terms of that, but I find ways using all the amazing technology we have at our fingertips. I’m very lucky to have that ability to do that.

What type of fitness regime do you do to keep in shape, and does it change when you do a shoot? 

A: I should have mentioned before that I really enjoy the gym, and I’m missing the experience during this somewhat dark days of pandemic. But, again, there are creative ways to stay fit. Mostly, I focus on body building-type workouts, but now I’m incorporating short runs and resistance training at home with bands, dumbbells and kettlebells. Circuit training really works. I used to run quite a bit, so it’s good to get back to nature as well. When the Coronavirus scare is over, and let’s pray that it’s soon, I think one of the positive outcomes is the reset even fitness wise that will impact my future. Do I change my routine when I’m preparing for a shoot? Yes, if it can be anticipated then a mini-cut to lean out a bit is what I prefer. But the shoot with German was not anticipated. We had to seize the moment. Ironically, I had been trying to bulk up after having reduced my caloric intake for a few months before, so I was kind of in-between.

Models can’t always eat great what is your favorite guilty pleasure in food?

A: I try to eat pretty well most of the time. I love burritos and doughnuts.

We are an underwear blog so what makes up your underwear drawer?

A: I like a variety. One for every occasion! Actually, I’m picky. I treat underwear like anything else I wear. It needs to fit and look right. I have Andrew Christian, 2(X)ist, Papi, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Buffalo and, of course, Jor and Cocksox. I am a super fan of underwear and swimwear — I like clothing and accessories in general — so the more the merrier.

What is one word that describes you? 


What is a fact about you that would surprise our readers?

I was a figure skater, and starred in a holiday extravaganza on ice as the Nutcracker. I won’t say when that was. 

Where can our readers find you on the net and social media?

Facebook, IG, Twitter. I have a Snapchat, but rarely use it. Am I aging myself? All my handles are my name


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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