When you think of Speedo, Olympic swimmers come to mind, or at least competitive swimmers. Note, you can’t use the term “Speedo” to cover all swim briefs. But I won’t give a lesson on Copywrite protection. But they have always focused just on competitive swimming and rarely stepped outside of that box.

Speedo started a new campaign for their Vibe collection. Their message is, “you can wear your practice suits outside of the pool.” I feel the only time they step outside of this box is for the Solar suits. If you aren’t familiar, the solar suits are bikini cut with one-inch sides. I know many of our readers love this suit.

I think Speedo could market some of their suits for people outside of the lap pool. More guys are wearing smaller swimwear. I like the classic Speedo suits. I think they look good on many different body types. Especially beefy guys, the 3-inch sides, I believe, are a good look.

The new campaign I initially saw in a video on Facebook. The campaign is focused on friends at a day at the beach rather than performance. This got me thinking, why hasn’t Speedo ever done this type of campaign before, or why haven’t they created a fun collection for the beach?

First, they have the money to do such a campaign. They have been around for over 50 years and are a staple in the world of swimming. Next, Speedo could use the same designs and use different and fun fabric featuring bolder colors and prints. Third, the collection could be a limited edition for summer. Lastly, if the campaign is successful making it a yearly campaign with new, limited edition designs each summer.

These are just some of my thoughts, curious to hear some of yours. Leave a comment


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  1. I was glad to see the same AD, hopefully it becomes more normal in the US

  2. If you go back far enough Speedo had a thong swimsuit for men in their collection, with the logo neatly positioned in the middle of the triangle. I bought two of these and still have one. Would love to see them return to similar leisure styles…

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