You ask, we deliver! The sexiest thongs for Summer 2022!

MODUS VIVENDI presents the Thongs Swimwear Line, because thong-mania is now spread even near the beach. It’s not only that you can now enjoy the sun tanning better, but the ultimate freedom you feel wearing nothing but just a pouch! You kept on asking for MODUS VIVENDI swimwear thongs; so we deliver! 

Discover our new Thongs Line made in a great variety of colors, get yours and express your naughty sides. All designs are made of fast drying fabric and feature an iconic Nickel free, metallic tag on the back, with a cutout MODUS VIVENDI logo!

MODUS VIVENDI Original Thongs Swimwear Line Campaign is already online and you can check it out here. All thongs are available at €42.50 and you can discover them here.


Illustrator: Denis Sdobnov @drawmedenis Campaign: Original Thongs Swimwear Line

MODUS VIVENDI, this time decided to approach the right people to do this campaign, since we had a certain vision regarding the presentation of this unique campaign. We found the right man that had the necessary and the most suitable background for this yet combining those with his talent and his excellent artworks. His name is Denis Sdobnov but people also knows him as Drawmedenis.

Denis Sdobnov is known for portraying a collective LGBTQ+ imagery through his unique perspective, and visually manifesting private sensual fantasy. His works have been acknowledged and forwarded by numerous gay icons on social media. His work has been acknowledged and forwarded by numerous gay icons on social media. In February 2021, Sdobnov hosted its debut solo exhibition “Midsummer” in Shanghai.

So, let’s meet the man behind this work of art, the illustrator of this beautiful campaign. 

Read his interview below. 

“My name is Denis Sdobnov and I was born and raised in a traditional Russian Orthodox family and grew up with a struggle for self-identity. Moving to Shanghai and practicing art, have gradually become my agency for my slow but glittering process of self-acceptance and reconciliation. 

Here in Shanghai, I feel empowered by the extremely supportive and talented queer artist community, which endowed me with the strength to follow my heart and instinct, and become more visually and vocally self-expressive.

I believe being a queer artist comes with a lot of communal and social responsibilities. Your work and practice should not be a merely about portraits or self-explorations. You need to give love and supports, empowering other queer people in struggle and agony and unreservedly celebrate difference and diversity. 

Being able to showcase my work during PRIDE month would be no doubt to cheer more queer people up at the time of celebrating who you are. It would be a great chance to fulfill my mission as a socially caring artist and culture worker.”


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