UNB Marco is back. Hey everyone, it’s been a while. I was a regular writer for UNB in 2016, sharing my perspectives on underwear as a straight college guy. My love of undies (and my collection) has grown even more since then, and I’m excited to be back exploring new areas and answering questions that straight guys have about underwear. 

Tim and Patrick’s recent podcast on bisexuality and underwear struck a chord with me. Mainly the idea that the type of underwear you like has no bearing on your sexuality and shouldn’t be in other people’s eyes. Unfortunately, we are not quite there yet.

The Reader Survey said that 32% of UNB readers are straight. That is great and a massive increase over the last ten years—one step in getting to a place where guys can explore the underwear they like without judgment. 

I hope that by engaging even more straight guys on the site, we can expose more straight guys to different types of underwear and brands and show people of all sexualities and genders that everyone can (and should) have underwear that they love. I know UNB was a massive part of my journey in branching out and trying different brands. While I’ve grown to love thongs and jockstraps over time, I first found UNB because I wanted to go beyond Hanes and Fruit of the Loom and found some articles about different brands with trunks and boxer briefs. That is a starting point for many straight guys. 

I’ll post a new article as part of the “Straight guys &” series every month. For example, next time, we’ll explore “Straight guys & thongs.” I’ll also focus on brands that seem to be targeting beyond just gay guys because many are doing innovative things with underwear that everyone should know about. I would encourage everyone to read, even if you’re not straight.


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  1. I have been ‘straight’ throughout my life, but I have also loved certain styles and fabrics since early 20s.
    Having the freedom now to buy specifically male underwear that looks and feels so amazing has been a liberating experience and provides a daily source of delicious visual delights and beautifully arousing sensations. A couple of brands – HOM and Kiniki – now account for 95% of my collection.
    Thank you for this eye-opening blog.

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