aussieBum Flaunt Range


aussieBum has a new range, or line as we call it out. It’s called the Flaunt range. The big thing you notice is that it’s got some really great colors. There is no boring white and black here. But that is not all that makes this great, the material will really fit you well. They use a modal spandex blend that conforms to your body. It will fit you like a glove and move with you.

I love a really great waistband. aussieBum has given us some of the coolest ones around. This line doesn’t disappoint. It has a matching color waistband with the aB name tilted. If they show above your jeans/shorts, you will get noticed.

Flaunt is available in a brief and hipster aka trunk. The pairs each have coordinating color on each leg, with the exception of the red. The main color is matched in the waistband.

The new colors its available in are:

  • Red – Brief & Hipster
  • Yellow – Brief &Hipster
  • Olive – Brief & Hipster
  • Grey – Brief & Hipster
  • Blue – Brief & Hipster
  • Green – Brief & Hipster

They are both available at the aussieBum site. The Brief is $29 where as the Hipster is $32. Price will vary due to the exchange rate.