Carlo Romero



To continue their new “WHERE DO YOU WEAR YOURS?” campaign, Undergear models hit the streets of Times Square just in their Undergear for a second photoshoot. From the pictures we have seen, it looked like a really fun event. Can you imagine what it would be like to be walking around Time’s Square and find a group of models in underwear! Talk about a great lunch hour.

Undergear’s signature model Paul Marron and new faces Carlo Romero, Kennen Miller, Markus Trocha and Nick Gogel from ADAM Models NYC took part in the shoot.  As you can see by the pics of the guys that the crowd in Time’s Square just loved it.

If any of you attended the photoshoot and took pictures or video of the models upload them to the UnderGear  Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/Undergear! We are sure there will be more great events like this in the “Where Do You Wear Yours?” campaigns! Good job UnderGear!

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See more pics below