Nick Jonas



From the looks of the recent shoot Nick Jonas did for Flaunt Magazine, he was channeling his inner Marky Mark from the 90’s. When I first saw this the first thing that came to mind of seeing the B/W image of Mark in his CK boxer briefs grabbing his junk and smiling. I remember it was a little controversial in the 90’s. Now, this picture got more of the OMG there is no more squeaky clean image.

All too often male stars will never been seen in their underwear. A good thing is that it’s not shocking that he was in his undies but I heard more “OMG Nick Jonas isn’t the squeaky clean boy we knew in the Jonas Brothers” The question is will he be in undies more often? I think a brand should pick him up for a spokes model! Just sayin’! Whats your thoughts on him working for a brand?