Are you on Twitter? If you are have you noticed a few of the days reserved just for underwear? If not, and you are an underwear fan, you need to get on Twitter NOW!

There are three different days that have been dedicated for Underwear. They are Jockstrap Wednesday, Thong Thursday and Comando Friday.

  • Jockstrap Wednesday (or as the twitter hash tag #jockstrapwednesday) Is a day just for jockstraps.
  • Thong Thursday (#thongthursday) a day just for thongs
  • Comando Friday (#comandofriday) as you would assume no undies (we prefer to wear undies on Fridays)

You may be asking, ok sure, they have these days on Twiter but so what? Well, its a day where you and others can share what you are wearing and even post pictures. Its cool to see this going on and underwear being a big part of Twitter.

Today is Thong Thursday so make sure you are wearing one, and if you are post a comment here or to us on Twitter.