Mr S Leather


Hey, Fetish Friday readers, how have you been doing? Last week’s post got me trying to expand my personal fabric choices (from just spandex and leather). I have been deliberately searching for more materials that I am not usually around. For instance, at a new play date’s house, I tried on a latex brief. It was kind of an odd brief because there was some weird pouch situation but it was pretty cool. Not sure I’d get all decked out in it, but maybe owning a brief is in my future. I went to Mr. S Leather’s website to search for some of their other stuff and low and behold…


Today, I am featuring the Rubberized Play Jock by Mr. S Leather. So Mr. S Leather does a lot of cool fabrication. This jock was designed by Timoteo (another company we are very friendly with over here) for Mr. S. Timoteo makes really sexy gear. That kind of hits on the sporty fetish wear team, as well as just being super macho and fantastic. Knowing that these two superpower companies got together to make this jock. It gets me thinking, it’s probably incredible (I’m gonna buy one and let you all know how it goes).

The Rubberized Play Jock is…well all rubber. The pouch is 2 layers of sexy rubber cradling your junk, and then you have ONE INCH (1”!) booty straps to lift and support your posterior. That is a LOT of support. In addition, there are D-rings on either side of the front pouch to attach certain harnesses too. You can make it into a full body outfit (well… a skimpy outfit, but still).


The jock comes in black, with the trim/stripes being Blue, White, Red or Yellow. This color is the trim on the edges of the pouch, and the stripes down the front of the pouch. As well as stripes on the butt straps, and the waistband. The Mr. S Leather logo on the waistband is also in the selected color.


Now, aside from this being rubber for looking super slick. The benefit of this rubber play jock is that it can handle virtually ANY fluid (I’m sure it can’t handle supervillain-style burning acid, but if you’re playing with that…um, you probably expect things to be burning). Anything you pour/splash/shoot onto this jock will wipe right off with a little soapy water. Done! Good as new. So you really can do all the things, and not demolish the state of your gear.

I’m super excited to hopefully get to try this guy out. If any of you already own it, please let me know. We can chat. It is available exclusively at Mr. S Leather . Sizes 28”-36” waist (S-XL). $37.95. Make it happen you sexy deviant!

Until next time, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing, over and out!