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Frivole has a new item of the week. The King Mini Boxer by Pipe!


The Pipe King: Be careful when you’re playing with the King of Hearts. Always wear boxers. Checkout our new underwear in stock now. Fabric: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastic Fit: Low Rise, Standard Brief

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ZIRH MEN’S SKIN CARE is pleased to be an authorized reseller of Zirh Men’s Grooming line products. Named after an ancient Sumerian warrior, Zirh has been arming men with giftwpurchase1male-specific personal care grooming/skin care products since 1995.

Zirh products are designed exclusively for men. Their products address the specific differences between men’s skin and women’s skin. Men’s skin is three times thicker and oilier than women’s so vitamins, nutrients, and natural botanicals are hand selected to specifically address these differences.

While Cityboyz already offers Anthony Logistics and Gessato skin care lines on their site, they are happy about the addition of Zirh. Steven Brown, owner raves about Zirh’s ease of use. “The system is simple and easy to use with straightforward functional names, there are step by step instructions and the benefits are spelled-out. This makes the use of Zirh a no-brainer for the novice user or the more experienced user of men’s skin care products.” The Zirh motto… Keep it simple. Keep it clean.

Zirh products are sold at high-end retailers such as Sephora, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor and Barney’s and are now available at

Sweat Under Gear provides today’s man with an underwear line that reflects his athletic, index_downfashionable lifestyle. Their mission is to complement today’s man with underwear that speak to his lifestyle and sense of masculinity.”

Sweat Under Gear does not want to dress you up in pretty colours and playful print. They want you to feel masculine, sexy, free to show off your best assets at the gym and at home. Wear Sweat with confidence… to play and have fun. Sweat Under Gear is now at

Pipe Underwear is the outcome of loud screams for a new trendy brand of underwear. A couple of years ago Pipe hit the scene. Inspired by a lack of color, textures and comfort in pipe-index1men’s underwear, they decided to create a funky brand based on fashions of the day and upcoming trends.

Pipe’s innovative garments make you feel unique and sexy. Their philosophy is to push the boundaries of traditional underwear. Cityboyz is believes that the unique Pipe underwear designs will attract both male and female shoppers looking for exciting, colorful new options in men’s underwear.

We’re glad to offer more merchandise and options for our customers. With the addition of Sweat, Zirh and Pipe brands we’re offering brands that have a different spin on fashion and skin care. People love choices and men love convenience. Now they can find these great new brands at their finger tips on

Erogenos is now carrying the Pipe Underwear line and also the 2009 Clever line.

Introducing PIPE Underwear
PIPE is a new trendy brand of underwear that features stylish colors and textures. The line is funky and based on current and upcoming trends. The idea is to push the boundaries of traditional underwear. PIPE’s underwear is a unique and fun choice.

CLEVER 2009 Collection
We have new items from the CLEVER Underwear collection. This line is one of our most popular as it’s a high quality, stylish collection that consistently turns out great products. Check them out today for cool styles, quality designs, and top notch construction.

I found a company that has some great undies. The brand is called Pipe Underwear. They have a very colorful fun collection. The pictures below are from their current line. They are a fun and stylish brand. Here is off their website:

PIPE is the outcome of loud screams for a new trendy brand of underwear.

A couple of years ago Palachio, the creator of PIPE, noticed the need for a new trendy underwear line. He noticed the lack of color, textures and comfort for men’s underwear. A decision was taken to create a funky brand based on current and upcoming trends.

PIPE creates innovative garments that make you feel unique and sexy. The idea is to push the boundaries of traditional underwear. We want you to look amazing and feel comfortable no matter the time of the day.

Why do we have to hide our underwear? PIPE’s underwear is so unique and fun that you would want to show them off and make them a part of your whole outfit.

Don’t call it underwear… call it “PIPE”.