I was scrolling through Instagram today and I stopped on this picture. I was like What is this? It’s SokoWear new Rainbow Geometric print. It comes in a harness and Pocket Festival short!

These shorts include:

  • Secure Internal Pocket
  • Easy-Access External Pocket
  • Low-Rise Waistband
  • Quick-Dry Nylon/Spandex Fabric
  • Metallic/Glitter Print
  • Tag-less Label
  • Internal Drawstring
  • 6″ Inseam

I know for some it’s over the top, but sometimes you have to wear something that is bold! Put this with the matching harness and BAM, it’s a great club were or just wear them to the gym without the harness.

Men’s Leggings/Tights are really coming back in fashion again. Back in the 80’s guys were rocking them in the gyms and running. That went out of style and now they are coming back and better than ever!

A new company on the scene is Sokowear. They have not your regular black or navy leggings but fun and wild prints. As you can see above, they are pretty fun. Here is a bit about their brand:

  • The colors and designs are Bold and vibrant
  • The line was designed to be the perfect fit for men.
  • Designed with comfort in mind with a low-rise waistband, tagless label, and quality material ensure extreme comfort
  • The epic prints consisting of energetic colors and metallic finishes, you are guaranteed to stand out of the crowd no matter what the occasion.
  • Every pair of SokoWear leggings is equipped with a discrete internal pocket
  • Ultra soft, 4-way stretch spandex blends provide extreme comfort and durability that stretches with your every move.

I LOVE their line and think they are super fun. I’m glad we are seeing a lot of different designs in men’s leggings. Each of the pairs retail for about $60. You can see the entire line at the Sokowear site.