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I know we have tons of guys who read the blog, that needs great work out underwear. Underwear that feels great, looks good and performs well at the gym. A new line to check out is the SupaWear Turbo collection. The Turbo features a premium sweat wicking Tactel to keep you cool and dry in hot and sweaty conditions.

Some of the awesome features

  • Slim fitted to give a slimming silhouette and show off assets
  • Single layered scoop pouch to give you an enhanced but natural lift as well as contour, shape and support everything
  • Creates a ‘contact-less’ support to reduce chaffing and sweating
  • Made from sweat wicking tactel and quick dry polyester to keep you cool and dry
  • 4-way stretch mesh to provide maximum mobility

The line comes in three different styles. They are the Boxer Brief, Brief and Jock. Each comes in the Blue/Red or Orange/Black color combos.

Pair: SupaWear Turbo Boxer Brief
Color: Blue/red or Orange/Black
Fabric: Solid: 100% Premium Tactel, Mesh: 85% Polyester / 15% Elastane
Sizes: X-Small – X-Large
Price: See site

Pair: SupaWear Turbo Brief
Color: Blue/red or Orange/Black
Fabric: Solid: 100% Premium Tactel, Mesh: 85% Polyester / 15% Elastane
Sizes: X-Small – X-Large
Price: See site

Pair: SupaWear Turbo Jock
Color: Blue/red or Orange/Black
Fabric: Solid: 100% Premium Tactel, Mesh: 85% Polyester / 15% Elastane
Sizes: X-Small – X-Large
Price: See site

This year we got more than a few requests to include a few swim shorts in the Swimwear Sunday. It was brought up that sometimes you may be on a family vacation and can’t wear a swim brief. Or maybe, you aren’t quite ready to rock a brief or really don’t feel safe on a beach doing it. For you guys, and we listen to our amazing readers, this week is for those who need a swim short. The pair is the Supa Surf.

The Supa Surf line is a lot of fun! They come in light blue (Ice Cream), Pink (Sharks), Blue (Watermelon), and Navy (Weiners). Each one is a lot of fun. Plus the length of the shorts hits mid-thigh, so it’s not too long, it’s just the right size for a family outing or a swim brief free beach.

The features of this pair are:

  • Quick-dry
  • Stretchy and lightweight
  • Slim fitted
  • Internal mesh

Even if you can’t wear a swim brief you can still wear something fun. The prints are fun and not juvenile to me. The best one is teh weiners. The hot dogs are the best, it can be your way of wearing something fun without anyone knowing. My personal favorite is the pink sharks. I think that pink is an awesome color for men’s swimwear.

Take a look this year at the Supa Wear Supa Surf shorts. If you have a favorite pair of swimwear this year you want us to profile. Make sure you fill out our suggestion form. We are looking for more from you guys, especially brands we may not know. Fill out our form today! Click here to fill out the Swimwear Suggestion form.

COLORS: Ice Cream, Sharks, Watermelon, and Weiners
FABRIC: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large

Do you like whimsical prints? Ones that are super fun? If you said yes, then the new Sprint prints from SupaWear is right up your alley. This is what SupaWear told us about the new collection:

Introducing our Sprint collection! Expect slim fitting, seamless design and the low rise waist. This collection offers a single layered scoop pouch to give an enhanced but natural lift as well as 2EROS CURV technology for that extra support.

Collection includes briefs, trunks and jockstraps in a range of yummy prints

These are out now at the SupaWear site

COLORS: As seen
FABRIC: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $26.00, $24.00, and $28.00 AUD
COLORS: As seen
FABRIC: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $26.00, $24.00, and $28.00 AUD
COLORS: As seen
FABRIC: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $26.00, $24.00, and $28.00 AUD

As much as we would like it not everyone can wear a swim brief for various reasons. Sometimes it’s family, other times location and other times are you may not feel you best. A great pair of swim shorts is great to have in your swimwear collection each year.

The official description is:

Confident, masculine and bold! These are designed to be form fitted and stretchy for optimum mobility and comfort. Supa lightweight with bold and vibrant prints that make this the essential beach short. It features a quick-dry fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. Stretchy and lightweight for optimum mobility. Fitted to give you a slimming silhouette. Internal mesh lining for extra support.

The shorts themselves feature three different prints. They are ice cream, hot dogs, and watermelons. The small prints make it a lot of fun and not juvenile. I saw these in Vegas and they are pretty cool. This is perfect for guys who don’t want a loud vivid print but want a fun pair to wear to the beach. Each print could be a conversation starter at the beach/pool.

My personal favorite is the Ice Cream. I like the light blue and prints. But you can pick out your favorite pair. The three swim shorts go on sale March 13 at the Supawaer site


If you’re like me, the top goal of 2018 is to get into better shape. Notice I didn’t say resolution. It has to be a lifestyle change, not something you do every January. Working out requires work out wear. Sure you can wear something off the rack from a big box store or sporting goods store, but you should look good as well!

SupaWear is releasing the Apex line on January 2! Just in time for the new year and the new you! This is what SupaWear says about the Apex line:

Reach your peak performance with Apex. This collection features a form fitting style combined with Supawear’s innovative panelled designs, which focus on form and structure. Apex is designed to work and flow with your body to enhance your assets.

This collection features shorts, joggers and a hoodie. All featuring breathable fabric for comfort, a form and streamlined fit to enhance your silhouette and a side bonded zip to keep all your valuables (iPhone 8+) safe and secure while your in motion.

If you are looking for new gym gear check it out at the first of the year!

Supawear has gone all Tron on us! If you are a sci-fi fan these undies are for you! Over the years I have been wanting someone to create some Tron-like underwear. Let’s face it the Tron-ish world is perfect for underwear. The bright blue and black really make things pop, like this line! Here is what Supawear says about the line:

Analysis complete… upgrading… upgrade complete. Presenting Cyborg, made from a 4 way stretch mesh and polyester/spandex blend to keep you optimised. Supawear’s signature panelled design is combined with its form fit to enhance all your assets. It features a single layered pouch with 2EROS’s CURV Technology which creates a ‘contact-less’ support to reduce chaffing and sweating. It also has a thick and soft waistband for extra comfort and reduce bending or folding.

He pictures feature social media personality, Matthew Crawford. Who you may have seen on YouTube! The pictures turned out amazing. They did a great job on them! The Cyborg line will be released this Friday!



Are you a fan of stripes and really cool waistbands? If you said yes to both the SupaWear Sea Man collection is one you’re going to love. The newest collection from Supawear has the interesting name. I”m sure we’ve heard all the jokes already! That aside Supawear continues the trend of making killer underwear.

This is what Supawsear says about the line:

Command the seven seas with Sea Man. Made from a poly and spandex blend to keep you cool and dry. It features a slim fit to give a slimming silhouette and show off assets. Single layered scoop pouch to give you an enhanced but natural lift as well as contour, shape and support everything. Combine with 2EROS CURV technology; the pouch creates a ‘contact-less’ support to reduce chaffing and sweating. It also has a thick and soft waistband for extra comfort and reduces bending or folding.

As I said, the pair is made for the stripes lover. It’s not 100% stripes. The pouches are solid and the stripes are around the side. Sorry jock fans, you get a solid pouch. It’s blue on a white background. I like that they used a darker blue rather than a bright blue. It makes it pop more against the white stripes. My favorite, believe it or not, is the trunk!

The waistband is pretty awesome. I am a waistband lover. I love cool and interesting waistbands. This is not for every guy I know but for my fellow waistband brothers, check this out. The front has the Supawear name against a white background. Which is pretty standard and nothing special. Around back is where it’s fun. The stripes of the pair are in a more abstract form.  The stripes remind me of the ocean. It’s a very cool brand.

You can find this pair on the Supawear site now!

Ready, set, GO! Boost yourself into the lead with Supawear’s turbo collection. It is made from a premium sweat wicking tactel combined with a 4 way stretch cotton mesh to offer maximum mobility as well as to keep you cool and dry in hot and sweaty conditions.

It features a form fit to give a slimming silhouette and to show off assets Designed with a single layered scoop pouch to give you an enhanced but natural lift as well as contour, shape and support everything,  while creating a ‘contact-less’ support to reduce chaffing and sweating

  • Slim fitted to give a slimming silhouette and show off assets
  • Single layered scoop pouch to give you an enhanced but natural lift as well as contour, shape and support everything
  • Creates a ‘contact-less’ support to reduce chaffing and sweating
  • Made from sweat wicking tactel and quick dry polyester to keep you cool and dry
  • 4-way stretch mesh to provide maximum mobility

Available in a brief, jock and trunk.  Fabric consists of: Solid: 100% Premium Tactel. Mesh: 85% Polyester / 15% Elastane.

Buy the Pair:

Supawear has been offering underwear, beachwear and gymwear for men seeking quality, fun and colorful designs that are functional since 2012. They have a new line of beachwear this summer called the Supadupa. The new Supadupa looks like a great pair of shorts, definitely smaller than board shorts but not as small as a bikini. If the occasion arises that you need to wear a pair of shorts, they have currently have 5 different prints to choose from. The Supadupa line of shorts was just released so get a pair to prepare for your summer fun. I have not worn this brand of shorts before, but if I needed to wear a pair of shorts this summer this looks like some I may have to try.

The new Supadupa shorts are Supawear’s revamped and revitalized beach range that are Supa lightweight with bright, bold and vibrant prints. There are 5 fun print designs to choose from: Blaze, Origami, Ahoy!, Blossom, and Pineapple.

They are made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane to give you fitted feel but at the same time offering enough stretch for comfort, confidence, and masculine. The material is also quick drying so you’re not walking around dripping water all over the place for the rest of the day. Guys can wear these shorts to the beach, the pool, or lounging around at home in the back yard. Be brave this summer and break away from those board shorts and get some sun on your legs.

I like the form fitting design of this swim shorts. I don’t enjoy wearing baggy clothes. Anything pair of shorts that don’t hand to my knees are great to wear in the summer, if I wanted to wear pants I would wear them. The quick dry material will be nice so that when you get out of the water you’re not walking all wet for a long time waiting for your swimwear to dry.

If you are in the market for some new swimwear this summer, be confident and get something more form fitting than board shorts. I haven’t tried these out yet, but I think I may need to for the times when bikini swimwear is too riskee. They are available now, so hurry before they run out. Check out the Blaze and Origami print designs below. For more information or to order go to

BRAND: Supawear

PAIR: Supadupa

COLORS: Blaze, Origami, Ahoy!, Blossom, and Pineapple

FABRIC: 95% polyester & 5% elastane

SIZES: XS through XL

COST: $69.00 AU




Are you looking for new workout wear? If so the new Storm line from SupaWear is one you should be checking out! SupaWear has long been known for underwear and swimwear. But, in the last year or so they have expanded into more work out gear. Here is what Supawear says about the new line:

“Prepare yourself, the Storm is a-brewin! Supawear’s newest gym/streetwear collection is now available. The collection comes in pants, shorts, and tops which features a form fitting style combined with Supawear’s strong and bold designs. Storm continues to focus on form and structure, which makes the collection not only Supa comfortable but also accentuating and enhancing all your assets.”

The new collection consists of:

  • Storm Singlet (Tank) – White
  • Storm Sweat Pants – Black
  • Storm Shorts – Blue
  • SUP T-Shirt – Grey
  • SUP T-Shirt- Blue

This is perfect for the guy who wants something more classic gear. Especially those who aren’t big fans of runners. These are perfect for you to wear to the gym, crossfit or around the house. We hope you will check out this great collection from Supawear.


It’s a new year and new time for new undies. If you are a fan of geometric designs and interesting colors, the new SupaWear Vortex line is for you. SupaWear and 2EROs have really taken the underwear world by storm in the last 8 years. Jason, the owner/designer has brought his vision to life!

Here is what they say about the new collection:

Vortex is fast, powerful and everything around it gravitates towards it. Focusing on form and structure, Vortex is combined with Supawear’s signature colour blocking and panelled design to accentuate the male form.

The one thing that will strike you is the color combinations. SupaWear is known for taking colors you would never think of for underwear. Putting them in a color block design and it looks amazing. They have an eye for colors and how they work together. I personally would never think of putting these combinations together.

The styles are some of the standards for SupaWear. The brief, trunk and jock. One style I”m glad to see are the leggings. Long Johns/Leggings are really entering the fashion world. Especially in the last few years. More brands need to make them, not everyone wants the boring white. They want to show their style when out skiing or other winter activities.

We hope you will check out the new line and enjoy some super fun and colorful undies! Shop at the SupaWear site!

BRAND: SupaWear
PAIR: Vortex Brief
COLORS: Magenta
FABRIC: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $26.00 AUD
LINK: SupaWear Vortex Brief

BRAND: SupaWear
PAIR: Vortex Trunk
COLORS: Magenta
FABRIC: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $28.00 AUD
LINK: SupaWear Vortex Trunk

BRAND: SupaWear
PAIR: Vortex Jock
COLORS: Magenta
FABRIC: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $24.00 AUD
LINK: SupaWear Vortex Trunk

BRAND: SupaWear
PAIR: Vortex Tights
COLORS: Magenta
FABRIC: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $43.00 AUD
LINK: SupaWear Vortex Tights

We are starting a new, somewhat regular series. Where we get some of your favorite brands to discuss how they create their amazing underwear. It’s a fun insider look as to what happens at brands. Each will showcase the personality of the brands and the people behind them. The first company to participate is SUPAWEAR. We hope you like this series.


Our readers love fun underwear. What makes fun underwear for your brand?
Fun is all about enjoyment, pleasure and excitement. SUPAWEAR is the brand that evokes that kind of emotion. We choose colour combinations that challenges traditions and put them together like a comic book supahero! Each underwear collection is crafted for pleasure to the wearer.

The core focus is on fun with original designs for guys who aren’t a follower but a trendsetter. A guy who is confident and isn’t afraid to stand out. Our underwear collection is vibrant, sexy and colourful. We offer a large range of designs for every different day of the week so you can dress or undress for the occasion and mood.
Do you have a Philosophy about creating underwear? If so what is it?

Yes! We always take into account who is wearing it and why would they wear it. Underwear for us is not just a necessity but also an extension of one’s personality or ego. It represents their style and mood for the day. A good pair of underwear can lift your mood and gives you that extra skip and hop to your stride.
In one of your recent pairs/lines, what was the inspiration behind creating it?(tell the story on what inspired you and how you turned that into a pair of underwear)



What was the spark of inspiration?

SUPACHARGE was inspired by comic character flash. We made sure the underwear looked like it was drawn on with a thick black marker. The collection is vibrant and fun with a twist.

How was this inspiration designed on paper?

We had a clear direction from the beginning for this collection. We wanted this collection to be charged with vibrant colours.


What changes took place to the pair during the production?

Colour is important and we must have complimenting colours so they don’t compete or clash. C0lours may look good on paper but the physical representation may be different. We often modify colours slightly to make sure we have the right balance. Our fits are usually consistent and we try not to alter it too much.

Who was involved with the process? Did someone have the inspiration and design? Or did someone have the inspiration and then someone else design?

We always work collaboratively on all collections. We have a team that works on the idea/ story and the designers will go off doing their magic. We will then discuss and modify the colours for the final collection.

How did the final product improve on the initial inspiration?

We always have fitting samples, fabric samples, fitting samples and production samples. We will make modification on paneling and colour selection during these steps. This is part of the everyday running of all our underwear. We always have several samples before final production so that the final piece is always perfect.

If this is a pair you designed before the previous collection, how did it influence other pairs/lines going forward. If a new pair, is this pair/line going to influence more collections in the future.

We always review the success of each collection a few months after it is launch and try to deconstruct why it did well. We will take that learning to our next collection. We normally read reviews and speak to our retail buyers. They love to tell us how to improve our fits.

See more great undies at SUPAWEAR site.


Contrary to our opinion here at UNB, not every guy wants to wear a swim brief. I know that’s crazy talk from us here at UNB. Some guys want some super stylish shorts that look good on the beach or pool. If that guy is you, then you need to see the latest line from SupaWear. The new SupaDupa shorts have some great prints.

Here is the official description from SupaWear:

The new Supadupa shorts are Supawear’s revamped and revitalized beach range. Confident, masculine and bold, these are designed to be fitted but at the same time offering enough stretch for comfort. Supa lightweight with bright, bold and vibrant prints that make this the essential summer short.

There are three different prints. The Ahoy!, Blossom and the Pineapple. Both are a lot of fun without being over the top. They will get you noticed for the right reasons by the water. The Pineapple is just that a print with a green background. On that green background is a pineapple print. My favorite is the pineapple rings. Gives it a bit more fun! The Blossom is a floral print but not the typical beach floral print. It has a solid background with a few flowers on the print. You won’t get overwhelmed with a crazy print. The last is the Ahoy! A navy background with nautical symbols in pink. It really pops.

All of these are really great pairs. Perfect for any beach or pool. Find them at the SupaWear site! Then go out and have some fun in the sun!


It’s Underwear release season for fall! That means a lot of your favorite brands are releasing new hot undies. One of those brands is SupaWear. The latest collection is called Sports Club.  According to SupaWear, “Sports Club is Supawear’s first active underwear collection and is designed for every activity. It features a brief, jockstrap, boxer short and tank. It’s made from a sweat-wicking polyester and is breathable and cooling to the touch.”

Active underwear is a growing market in the men’s underwear area. You have some that are function over form. This is not the case with the Sports Club. SupaWear has put their own design spin on active underwear. The collection is in blue and has a super fun SupaWear waistband. The blue/red/white band has the SupaWear logo in the center. Then the brand name around the band with red lines outlining the band.

The fabric is a 90% Polyester / 10% Elastane blend. Which is perfect for being active. This fabric will wick sweat away from your body. This makes it perfect for the gym, running, hiking and more. The fabric will be very comfortable as well and the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe.

The styles available are the boxer, brief, jock and tank. I think most of our readers will be wearing the jock and brief for working out. However, I don’t discount the boxer, we have a growing boxer brief followers! Each one of these has the same waistband. The brief and jock also have white trim around the pouch and leg openings. Against the blue the white makes the pair pop.

If you are looking to step up your gym underwear. The Sports Club is one you need to look into! It’s fashionable, fun and made for working out! Find the Sports Club collection at the SupaWear site.

BRAND: SupaWear
PAIR: Sport Club Boxer, Brief, Jock and Tank top
FABRIC: 90% Polyester / 10% Elastane
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: $29/$26/$24/$40 AUD


Gone are the days of wearing whatever is laying around. Gymwear is becoming one of the big trends in men’s fashion. We want to look great while we work out. Supawear has released its newest gym collection called “Crimson.” It was released yesterday!

Here is what Supawear told us about the collection:

Inspired by the Crimson Underwear this gym wear collection continues to take urban architecture in a new direction.

The collection is perfect to take on the urban jungle. It features a sweater, shorts, tights, tee and tank, which are designed with form and structure in mind. This is achieved through panelled stylings, curved structures and strong contrasting lines.

This new cotton blend is not only warm and breathable but also minimises fabric pilling and fluffing. It is designed to be form fitting to give you the ultimate streamlined effect.

See full collection here

Included in the collection are:

Find all the entire collection at the Supawear site.

SUPAWEAR_VL3280These new pairs from SupaWear will have you seeing red! And not in the way you think. SupaWear released the new Crimson line. The start of SupaWear was solid colors. In the last year they have branched out to color panels and lastly a print with the Frutoipia line. The brand is really maturing and growing.

The latest collection builds on new designs. The collection is called Crimson. “Crimson by SW takes urban architecture in a new direction,” said SupaWear about the new line. We agree with this statement. The new collection is red with white stripes. These aren’t solid stripes, as they  said above its a very “architecture” designed. The official description is: “Like the urban jungle, Crimson is designed with form and structure in mind. This is achieved from the panelled styling, the embellished waistband with an industrial finish and the strong bold lines.”

I believe that the new collection will come in a jock, brief and trunk. Which have become pretty much standard for SupaWear.


  • Panelled design with double stitch finish
  • Vinyl prints
  • Single front lining for natural lift
  • Form fitting
  • Embellished waistband

I love this direction am seeing from SupaWear. They have a great sense of experimentation and fun in the collections. What started as a basic line is now becoming a line about pushing the envelope and seeing what they come up with. One of my favorite pairs I own has been the Fruitopia line. It’s whimsical and fun. Really who would believe that you’re wearing underwear that looks like slice of Watermelon?

This line will be around April 1st! So be on the look out at the SupaWear site and your favorite retailer!

Supawear Fruitopia

I LOVE watermelon in the summertime since I was a kid. I would always get it and eat till I couldn’t eat any more. I also, love underwear! So what could be better? Watermelon Underwear! Some of you out there may think it maybe crazy to create underwear based on fruit. I think it’s pretty fun and awesome. Underwear is about fun and expressing yourself! SupaWear furnished a pair of Fruitopia for this review!

The Fruitopia pair I was super excited to review. I thought I requested a jock but got a brief instead. I’m not complaining though! The brief is a lot of fun. The first thing that you notice is it definitely looks like watermelon. The Green waistband is the peel, which I love. It makes it so much fun. The other thing is on the brief, the back has seeds printed on the back. It’s just an added touch that is super nice

When I put the pair on the first thing I noticed was it was a little tight. Being the holidays I added a little weight on. Their sizing chart says it’s 36-37. I will say I’m bigger than that and it didn’t fit too tight. After I had them on I didn’t notice the tight fit. It was mainly in the waistband.

As for daily wear it fit pretty well. I wore this pair on a really busy and stressful day. I was on the go for a few hours. It really held up well. It was a little more of a manual labor day than I had expected. The tight fit was perfect for the day, it gave me extra support when I needed it.

The design. As I mentioned above is awesome. Its playful and fun. SupaWear and 2EROS isn’t afraid of trying something new. They have a really great design aesthetic in everything they design. Lines such as AKTIV and X-Series brings out the fashion of the brand. The Fruitopia just brings out the fun. I want more pairs in the series! They would be great to wear during the summer time! (Which it is summer in Australia)


  • I love the fun whimsical design
  • Great pouch in the pair
  • Waistband is awesome


  • Some may not like the literal interpretation of the pair
  • Color may turn some off


  • Daily fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall – 8.6

Find the Fruitopia brief on the SupaWear website (


JO4A0296Adrian C. Martin sent us some great pics featuring 2EROS/Supawear. He said this about the shoot: Very proud of this, hope you like this work i’ve done with male bodybuilder Jairo Sosa. He’s wearing 2eros and Supawear pieces. It was shot in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Enjoy the pics!

Photos: Adrian C. Martin ( //
Models: Jairo Sosa
Underwear: 2Eros / Supawear
Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Underwear is fun! SupaWear proves that with the new Fruitopia collection. It may sound like a fruity drink but it’s a line of underwear designed to look like watermelon! Before you say what the? I think you should take a look at the new collection! Speaking of the collection, it will be out next week!

I think this collection is awesome. Its just pure fun. The pairs come in a pic with a green waistband to symbolize the green rind. The body is pink flesh of the fruit, and it comes with seeds! The seeds are around the sides and back. It comes in a jock, brief and trunk.

“Fruitopia, Watermelon! Supawear’s latest mouth watering collection is here! It features Supawear’s iconic retro form fit stylings. Watermelon’s colour palette uses bright, juicy pinks and rich greens. The perfect representation of summer – Take a bite!”

The collection is out next week. We will be having a review on this line very soon! I can’t wait to get it. What do you guys think about the collection?