Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything from me. I have been super busy with work and family and need to get my butt back into gear and write more content for the blog! I have recently had the opportunity to try out some new stuff from and I’m pretty excited to share it with you. I have known about for some time, and just haven’t put them in my drawer up until recently. Their website sells a TON of tiny micro bikinis for women, and they also feature some stuff for the guys as well. Many of their suits are featured with the same colors as the women’s, so you can match your suit to your partner (or just a friend’s) bikini.

The-Bikini sent me a handful of different styles to try out, and I’ll provide some brief (no pun intended) thoughts on each with more detailed reviews to come in the future. I was provided a men’s string in hot pink-for those of you that have been following me for any time you know that is my favorite color! They also provided an adjustable string and regular thong in nude, a teardrop thong in ???, a crotchless thong in brown, and a baggie tanning pouch in royal blue.

Men’s String

I was pleasantly surprised with this suit. Upon receiving the package from The-Bikini, I wasn’t sure if it would fit me well enough to keep on for an extended period. However, the fit was roomy without being so large that it was uncomfortable. The men’s string features a narrow front with a dart pouch that is joined to the rear by a tiny ornamental ring in the back. The side and bottom straps are a ¼” width and ride pretty low on the hips. In my opinion, this is a style well suited for tanning, and not so much for swimming or other vigorous activities. It will definitely draw plenty of attention!

Men’s Adjustable String

The adjustable string from The-Bikini is almost identical to the string, with the exception that the front pouch is adjustable. All design elements are almost the same, however, the front pouch on the adjustable string is a good deal larger. Guys who aren’t especially well endowed or just smaller in stature may not fill up the pouch completely. The one thing to point out is that the waistband is not sewn into place, so the front is not automatically centered to the rear. If you are conscious about your tan line placement, you’ll just need to be sure to adjust everything before you settle in. Once again, this suit is a better fit for tanning sessions, and not meant for a lot of activity.

Men’s Thong

The men’s thong is a very well rounded suit that could be worn almost anywhere. The front is joined to the rear with a roughly 1” waistband featuring an adequate elastic to keep everything in pace whether you are swimming, walking along the beach, or playing a game of volleyball on the sand. The rear thong coverage is moderate, and wouldn’t draw any unwanted or negative attention to you. In this thong, I would feel comfortable wearing to any family beach, or to the neighborhood pool without fear of consequence.

Men’s Teardrop

The men’s teardrop is without a doubt my favorite out of the lot sent to me for review. I like a moderate to small pouch on all of my undies and swimwear, so this suit fits the bill perfectly. Obviously being a teardrop design there isn’t an excess of room, and the pouch is just big enough to keep everything contained. This suit also features tiny ¼” side and rear straps, which are perfect for achieving those sexy tan lines we are all after! This suit also holds everything in place quite well, so I would recommend it for tanning as well as any other outdoor activities. Imagine the neighbor’s reactions when you wash the car or do your gardening in this!

Men’s Crotchless

So the crotchless designs have never been a big interest to me, however, after I slid this on I understand what all the hype is about! Obviously, this suit is meant to excite the wearer (and everyone else they are around) and not much else. It does exactly that, as soon as I put it on I was immediately transformed into another mood entirely. This suit could be worn as a sort of bulge enhancer under a more modest suit and would help to fill out any pouch quite nicely. Or if you are visiting a beach tolerant of extreme swimwear and have little to no inhibitions, you could wear it on its own and be sure to turn heads of everyone on the beach! As far as activity goes, I expect that you could wear this suit doing anything you would do in the buff.

Men’s Baggie

The men’s baggie is just as it is stated, a pouch to keep your bits covered while tanning. You could wear this on a private beach, pool, or in the tanning bed. The pouch is generously sized to fit a range of different size/shape combinations. It features a drawstring to keep it snugly affixed to your package while tanning. I would not recommend doing much more than tanning in this suit, as I don’t know how well it will stay put while walking around or swimming.

I will do a more comprehensive review of these designs once it warms up enough here to wear them out around the house and to the beach. I love the design and color choices available on and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us throughout 2019! If I had to ask The-Bikini to change anything I would say to expand the range of available sizes on the site. Guys come in all different shapes and sizes, just like women, and we need the same size options available to us! If you have the chance, cruise on over to their website to check them out. Buy a suit for yourself, one for a friend or partner, and check out some of the galleries of customers wearing their styles! Let me know your thoughts here or @unb_ryan on Instagram or Twitter!