IMG_9886Fetish Friday is all about embracing the erotic side of underwear. This Friday is no different but it has a gay twist. I try to keep things very middle of the road for our readers (both gay and straight). However this week this is pretty much a “Slutty Gay Porn” site, self admitted, and some great underwear.

There are times when companies go specifically after one audience. This is a time that Underfetish is after the gay market. So straight boys you may skip them if you are easily offended or not into their type of underwear.

Many of you know the awesome underwear of McKillop. They have been at it since I think the inception of UNB. They have stepped out of their box and created a new site called You maybe asking why? Well here is their explanation.

From our test collection KINK we learned you too have a kinky side. But for us to do a GREAT JOB at Kinky Undies we need to move away from our elegant parent company.

The new website IS NOT for everyone cause it is basically SLUTTY GAY PORN and Great Undies. YIPPIE : )

But for those who want to visit our new site we will only mention it ONCE : )

Please sign up for Underfetish News on their homepage cause they will not be integrated with Mckillop after today!

This site is not just for gay guys. If you are a fan of mesh and skimpy you will love the underwear they have. However, the pics are just what they say, well I wouldn’t go as far to say porn, but more soft core. It usually features two or more guys together. Now this might not be for all of you, so you have been warned.

Its a fun site for you guys to check out. Hats off to them for trying something fun and not taking themselves too serious. If you are interested in some skimpy, mesh and hot gear go to Underfetish to see the site