vizeau-weekDays of the week underwear is something you think of when you’re younger. It’s a cute way to get When you get older you don’t  need a reason to change underwear. We have readers who change their underwear 2-3 times a year. I remember one reader who wore a pair in the morning, then changed at the gym, and then changed after the gym into another pair.

Vizeau has released a new collection called “Days of the Week.” Which is the most conservative style I have seen from the brand! Usually their pairs  super skimpy and those who dare to bare and almost show off everything. The new collection is a series of boxer briefs with the days of the week on the waistband. Each one is sold separately, so you can buy your favorite day or get a few!

I Love that that each day has a different color and waistband. It’s not so cookie cutter. Most of our readers want unique and fun underwear, so a brand that makes it all the same is not one you guys would be interested in. Its just enough difference to make the pairs stand out. Each boxer brief/trunk is the same cut but a different main color.  On top of that is a tailor made waistband with the name embroidered in to the fabric.

Just by the picture it looks as if each pair does have a defined pouch. So, they took some time to include their style into the pair and not make them so plain. The accent around the pouch also will set off and accent your pouch.

If you have wanted to try Vizeau and didn’t want to go for something wild now is the time to check them out! Also, if you’re a fan of the brand and want to have something you can wear to the gym, they just may have something for you now! Find this and more at the Vizeau site.

Today’s Brief Distraction is from Vizeau. If you aren’t familiar with Vizeau, they are a company that is known for wilder underwear. That means interesting cut outs, super low cut designs and mesh. Pictured above is a special collection, featuring elastic and trims covered in durable matte tricot. The fit is superb and the colors make it a very playful addition to any confident man’s wardrobe.

The photographer is Michael Ching (, the model is Paul-Roger, and jewelry is by Esculpta

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We continue our series on extreme undies with Vizeau. Vizeau is the company that really sparked the interest in the series. I have seen them on the net for a few years and they have always done some really “out there” things. They did the swimsuit that had no sides and I always wondered how it got held up. They have always been innovative and not conformed to the standards of men’s underwear, rarely going for the traditional underwear, pushing the envelop with skimpy, fun, and hot creations.ALOIS

Where does your inspiration come from?
That comes from so many sources that are brought to us via the news channels, films and books, shows we enjoy or by walking down the streets and observing the movement of garments people buy for themselves. There is a profound influence from the modern art scene, Philosophy and Sociology. After a great art exhibition or a book, we will sit together (or separate) and make clippings of images that deconstruct what we’ve read or seen into their basic elements. What comes next is the assembly of all those sources into what feels true to us and expresses the current energy we feel as a group when looking at the tryouts, all the way into the finished garment.

How would you describe the Vizeau client?
Although mostly male, women now make 35% of purchases. Because the garments are conversation pieces, it is usually a fit and gigoloconfident person who  appreciates the design and knows they are buying an interesting item of great  quality.

What gives a Vizeau bathing suit or undergarment its allure?
They are designed to fit comfortably, but with a very sexy edge by emphasizing the wearer’s best assets, or by teasing the eye, beckoning the viewer to follow the colors, straps and cutouts…

Your items are interesting and unique, indeed. How would you compare them against current trends?
Fashion is an international industry that promotes the “new”. Style is the selection of pieces from it and an individual’s assertion of their personality through Aesthetics. We acknowledge trends, but remain sui generis in our vision.  Swimwear and underwear don’t always take their cues from other clothes.

Sometimes, our collections will be based completely on themes we choose to explore: for example, we wrote “Retro” a trio of 0302bwmonths ago on the board and that inspired photographs of a model in pseudo-retro garments that bore bright colors, absorbed superhero influences and used hot accessories to conjure an updated version of what was in our collective memory. This collection was named “80’s Toy”

These experiments result in new Collections and our clients choose among these offerings for what suits their lifestyle. Every season compels us to produce something new instead of turning out historical replicas. We love Fashion Design and encourage each other in the group to propel our imagination with very few limits and censorship.

To Check out Vizeau please visit their website. They are always coming out with new and fun items. Even if this isn’t your style, you should check it out often to see what’s going on in the world of extreme undies.

I was shopping online for the newest look in men’s underwear and I came upon some styles I had seen before but never gave much thought to.  You’ve seen them too.  They are the barely there styles that have slashes and holes in revealing places, are made completely of mesh, or purposefully don’t provide much support or cover.  My favorite of this style is from  Take a minute to check out the site. Even if you never intend to buy, it’s clear that this underwear is art.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the models help accentuate what makes these styles often termed “erotic!”

Here are some of my other favorite examples:


Marc Ouest Jockstrap MS207511_01 13

So who actually wears this underwear and in what situations?  Let me give you a little personal tidbit that I think will illustrate this.  A few years ago, I bought a thong that was made out of clear plastic.  Picture a see-through dentist mask but down below.  Okay! Stop picturing me!  I’ve worn it several times but for a very specific purpose.  There is no doubt what message I’m sending when it’s revealed to a guest. And then it’s not on for very much longer.  I think the same is true for these showy styles. They are meant to send a message and then be taken off.  Of course, there is the small, genetically-gifted few that could carry these off at any given time and those that would wear them to the beach.  Those people are called Europeans.

Here’s my advice for wearing this sizzling style:

When to wear:

  • If you get in a fight with your lover. This could serve two purposes. Either it says, “I clearly want to make up,” or it says “Don’t you want to apologize so you can have this again?”  Hopefully, the outcome is the same.
  • If you’re headed out for the night and may not end up at home. What a great way to greet a new friend! These styles will say, “I’ve wrapped a special present for you…and made it see-through so there is no confusion!”
  • To celebrate a birthday, anniversary, promotion or ship christening. Nothing says congratulations like briefs that show a bit of flesh!  Your wedding night could also fall in this category.

and of course,

  • If you’re a model or porn star. If you receive money because of your physique, by all means wear this style.  It is clearly a business decision and I’m not one to stand in the way of a free market.  In re-reading this, it would appear that escorts could also fall into this category. Hey, I don’t judge.

How to wear:

  • Assess your assets. Enhance what you like about your body. Nobody wants to wear this style and be shy. If you’re proud of all the exercise you’ve put in to your rear end, let it hang out baby!
  • Buy the right size. Oftentimes the fabric and elastic used can be uncomfortable since these styles often rely on the power of planetary physics to stay up and on. Be sure to choose the right size so you are not uncomfortable or distracted by the fit and feel.
  • Don’t wear them all the time. Unless you don’t care about the impact they make when you wear them only occasionally, wear this style only when trying get your point across (see above.)

Some other places to check out this style: – They literally are like Next to Nothing. – It’s like what you used to do under the covers at night! – Interested in a loincloth? Yes, I’m serious.

Like any style of men’s underwear, the “erotic” or “teaser” type has its time and place.  Every discerning gentleman should have a few pairs in the drawer and maybe one in the glove box for emergencies!

NOTE: This is the kick off and we will be bringing you several company profiles over the next two weeks and a give away from Dead Good Undies. Make sure you join both our Facebook Page and Twitter, we will be giving away on both! This posting was written by Sawyer, and more will come soon! Companies in our profiles are WildmanT, Dead Good Undies Man Store, Marc Ouest, Koala Swimwear and Vizeau! We hope you enjoy the wild undies