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IMG_5005Whether you are writing a bio for Grindr or ManHunt or a one for a legitimate article, it is no less awkward.  Sorry, that was the first thought that came to my mind as I started to think about what I wanted to share with you folks about myself.  I guess it is never easy to write about yourself when you try to think of yourself as a humble person.  Well, at any rate, here’s some details about who I am.  I hope you all enjoy getting to know me and sharing in my love and passion for all things underwear.

I am James, a gay 30 something, from a smallish city in North Carolina.  In that smallish city I work for a wireless carrier to fund my underwear habit.  I have worked for this company for the past 7 years.  I have lived and worked for this company in several different areas of the country.  Where I’ll go next with them has yet to be determined.  When I am not working I can usually be found in the gym working on my physical appearance and mental health.  The gym has long been a source of relaxation and mental recuperation.  It also doesn’t hurt in how it makes me look my underwear collection.  Wow!  That was very conceded.  I also spend much of my time cycling, as permitted by the weather.  Cycling, whether it be on the road or the mountain bike trails, is another way I relax.  I also have found that riding for various charities has been a rewarding experience.  One of the proudest things I do on my bike is an annual ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles for AIDS/Lifecycle.  Those of you familiar with this charity and event know how much of an impact it has on the lives it touches.  Last and definitely not least, I spend a lot of time watching movies.  Over the years I’ve collected over 500 titles.  Movies are an escape from reality that I think we all need from time to time.  In case you were wondering, my favorite movie is Auntie Mame.  There are many great movies out there, but that is by far my favorite.  The last thing I’d like share with you all is the fact, yes, I am an underwear junkie.  A brief glimpse into my passion would reveal that my favorite style is briefs or jockstraps.  I am also not opposed to trunks.  I don’t really have a favorite pair.  I do however have a few favorite brands.  Cin2, 2xist, and Calvin Klein have long been my go to brands.  I am learning more about others almost daily it seems.  There is so much share about my underwear passionate and I will give plenty more details about my love of underwear in another post.  I think it is fun to reminisce about my beginnings in the passion and I think you will agree.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit better.  I am open to any and all questions you have for me.  I look forward to getting to know the readers.  I also look forward to entering into the discussions we can have about underwear.

Name: James

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