Cody Calafiore



Are you a fan of Big Brother on CBS? Well, I will admit I am not but a friend sent me the info that current house mate is a model who was part of C-IN2 Grip campaign, named Cody Calafiore. If this had been 5 years ago or more it would be a big deal. Case in point remember when William Levy was on Dancing with the Stars? It was a scandal! Now, not so much.

If you don’t watch Big Brother like I do, who is Cody? He is a 23 year old, former soccer player from New Jersey. As you can see by the pic above even if you don’t know who he is, you have seen his pics! I def remember the the campaign, it was some great images from C-IN2! I checked his Twitter(@Cody_Calafiore) page and who ever is running it is not shying away from the underwear past. I mean if you looked like Cody in underwear, wouldn’t you show it off. Heck I would just walk around in my underwear!

So far he’s still in the Big Brother House and as been labeled “adorable.” He’s told the house mates that his a Sales Executive and not a model. It maybe all part of the game. What do you think of the Big Brother House Mate?