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We are asking you guys to support us. Think of this as the PBS pledge week that doesn’t end. However, unlike PBS we won’t interrupt your reading experience all the time. We are looking for our loyal readers to support us, even $1 a month can go a long way with us.

UNB is run by a set of guys who are volunteers. We are all underwear lovers and want to share out love of underwear with you and all our readers!

WHY are you doing a Patreon? We don’t change any one to read or be on the site. All the brand we work with are on the site because we have a relationship with them or think they are new and interesting. No brand ever pays to be on the site. The only exception is our Guides where we use the money to pay for photographers and models. The ads you see on the site pay for all our expenses.

How you can help? We thought about letting our readers give what they feel the blog is worth to them for a month. We aren’t asking for a lot from you guys, you can give as low as $1 a month ($12 year). Additional money will allow us to expand our staff, hire a copy editor, update our technology and do additional shoots. You get benefits at every level of the Patreon.

If you have any questions contact us and will gladly answer them! To help us visit our Patreon site at

Don’t want to join monthly you can make one time donations through Kofi

Or by Paypal

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