Dmitrij Bessalov



Alpha Male Undies sent us this picture featuring 25-year-old Russian hunk Dmitrij Bessalov. It was shot by Muscle Skins.

Here is the bio of Dmitrij

Hi, my name is Dmitrij, 25 years old Russian hunk!:)
I born in Lithuania and lived here all my life, but 9 months ago I moved to UK together with my girlfriend ( to Northampton city ).In Lithuania I worked as a stripper on bachelor parties.
As for hobbies I’m keen on fitness ( natural training, 9 years of experience ). I work on symmetry, proportions and quality… Today its called aesthetic physique… Also I’m a professional massage therapist and a model. I started modelling only in UK, about 4 months ago and i pushing forward very hard, step by step to succeed in this industry. I hope to move to London soon.
FB – Dmitrij Bessalov
INSTAGRAM – dmitrij_bessalov


Dmitrij Bessalov from MuscleSkin on Vimeo.