flash sale

A few months back, I told you about an awesome brand I discovered called PACT. In that post I mentioned that I found the brand through a flash sale website called Gilt.com. What is a flash sale site, you may ask? Basically, they are websites that offer great deals that only last for a limited time. Oftentimes they also only offer a limited stock of each item in each size.
That might sound a little disappointing, but in my experience sites like Gilt are a great way to get the underwear at huge discounts. Most of the time you’ll see styles at discounts that range between 30 and 60 percent.
There are a bunch of these sites out there, but the two I’ve found to be the most helpful are Gilt and JackThreads. On both, you’ll tend to see the bigger names, designer brands like 2xist, Diesel, Calvin Klein, etc., but Gilt often features more specialty brands like PACT or Mosmann (an awesome brand from Australia).
A few of tips to keep in mind when you’re using these sites:
  • Use the wait list feature–these sites try to make you think that things will become unavailable fast. They do sometimes, but sometimes they don’t. You can add stuff to your wait list and see if it’s still available later. If a particular item becomes unavailable, the site will send you an email if it does become available again.
  • Keep an eye on those emails–yes constant email communications from brands can be irritating, but they key to these sites is getting things quick and the emails will let you know when you’re favorite brands are aviaible or will be shortly
  • Check out the mobile app–I’ve found especially with Gilt, you’ll often get special mobile sale that’s “just for you” and will be customized to the things you buy, look at or wait list the most, i.e. underwear
Have you used a site like Gilt before? What was your experience? Tell us about in the comments!