“Our purpose is to provide modern men with ultra comfortable, contemporary swimwear, beachwear & underwear products.” Created in soft, supple fabrics and engineered into timeless designs. High quality products at affordable prices, for every men’s need! Looking good & feeling great!

I found this company on My Space when the owner added me as a friend. We started to talk and one thing lead to another and here we are. I found out the owner is a regular reader of my blog. What an incredible compliment!

The site is relaunched and I must say the site is very easy to use and has some incredible products. And some awesome pics, what can I say I love some good eye candy! The site is concentrating on more swim wear but will ad more underwear over time. The reason for this is that summer is upon us, up here in the Northern Hemisphere and time to show off what you have.

What is IQONIQ? Well they are a company that focuses on athletic style products made from high quality, high end soft & quick drying fabrics. They want to do this in a new and interesting way. That is from design and quality aspects. If you keep your customers happy with both of those you will have them come back for more. I have heard of them before and believe their main focus is on the customer and the customers experience with their products.

One thing I’m really excited about is in my talks and though all the materials I’ve seen is this year they are going to have many new styles and lines come out this year. So you will have to stay tuned and keep checking my blog and their site. I will keep you updated as new things are relased.

IQONIQ has a philosophy to Provide top quality products at reasonable prices. Which is a great philosophy. How many times have you bought something from either a big designer or boutique, paid a fortune for it and then been let down by the quality or workmanship of it? I know I have.

This line really strikes my eye due to the fact it is exactly what I like. I like very body conscious form fitting gear. And everything I’ve seen in the new line lives up to that. You know me and how I love undies so this posting is one of my favorites. Its great also to promote something new and someone who believes the same things I do!

One of the really cool things about IQONIQ is that they have appeared in DNA, which is one of my favorites ,GUS, Instinct, Manner, Aktueek, Mate, FHM and as they grow more and more magazines show case their great gear.

The current website and photo shoot was done in a pacific topical island. Which made the ideal location for showing off the new lines of swimwear. Which the combination of the very hot guys and the sexy gear made for a winning combination. In this posting you will see some of the captures from the website. And tomorrow, and you heard it here first, the Hot Guy of the Week, is going to be all images from the shoot. I am honored that IQINIQ has given me permission and blessing to use them.

For all you American’s the website is using Euros as currency, just head over to yahoo to see the exchange rate and I know you will not regret getting some great IQONIQ gear. It’s well worth them money and the comfort and quality will make you forget about it and you’ll be back for more.

Their press release is I think its brilliant! I know so many of us here in the US are very self conscious about wearing a speedo. Even with gay guys the popularity of Speedos are declining. More and more are wearing boxer/trunks or square cuts. Its time we bring back some of the fun in swimwear. I think the marketing for them I awesome. I’m going to have an interview with them on my podcast soon. And I hope I’m not speaking out of turn, but I believe they are more concentrated in Europe. But hopefully we can get them more in the US soon.

CHALLENGE THE FEAR ! Afraid to wear speedo-style swimwear…? Afraid what your friends will say ? Please…get over it!..and challenge your fears!
Is the brief losing its magnitude & its power too the Board shorts….? Well not if it depends on IQONIQ™. Even if IQONIQ™ might also launch the popular Board Shorts in the near future, the brief will be the popular choice for IQONIQ™. In Europe the brief is as popular as always…but IQONIQ™ hopes to see the brief becoming more popular in the USA. With slogans like : “Get what you want, by showing of what you’ve got”, “Wear it….Love it…!” and very importantly “ITS ALL ABOUT HOW YOU WEAR IT !” IQONIQ™ is out to set its own course in the swimwear market. So come challenge any fear you might have and join us! IQONIQ’s swimwear & beachwear briefs are getting great reviews for its comfortable fit, and its athletic & stylish look! this due to the high quality of fabrics & good design. This has never been overlooked by the driving force &founder of IQONIQ™. Challenging the fear that many well- known brands seem to have, by always choosing the safe & standard ‘(dark)blond haired & bleu-eyed model’ type, is an issue that IQONIQ™ never had to challenge. Just take a look at the gorgeous men from all corners of the world IQONIQ™ has chosen for their worldwide campaign! Basically this proves there is nothing to be afraid about. Come and join us in Living the IQONIQ™ way of life !!

I hope you will check them out and if you buy anything tell them I sent you. I don’t think you will be disappointed! I will do updates often on IQONIQ very soon!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. Do I have to get over my fear?
    Cause…I don’t have the body for a speedo.

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