There is an underwear company that has come to our attention. The company is called Score Underwear. And as you can tell by the image above, they want a guy to feel sexy and have classic styling.

With their underwear you won’t see any wild colors or designs. The only colors they use are white and black. But the undies themselves are very form fitting and look really great! They have a few styles they are selling. The Sports Brief, Score Brief, Boxer Briefs, Thong and T-shirts. Like I said, all very classic.

Their website is something that is fun. You have the traditional underwear company website, telling about the briefs. But you can view the “Undress the Model” section, watch some videos and just explore the site. I spent a about an hour on it the other night. I started to watch the videos, but didn’t’ have enough time to go through them all.  I urge you to go check it out.

Here is some information about them from their site. It is written better then I could do:

sports-brieffront punchingbag thong

Our Products
Our product is designed for today’s man. Score offers Briefs: Our Score Brief is the ultimate “tighty whitie,” and it is also available in black. We call our bikini-style brief, the Sports Brief. We also offer the Score Boxer Brief and Score Thong. Each style of Score Underwear delivers today’s popular trim contemporary fit. Of course, we also offer three of the most sought-after T-Shirt styles in both White and Black: These include the Crew T-Shirt, the Sleeveless T-Shirt and the ever- popular Tank Top-Shirt. You’ll never find a better fitting undershirt.


Our Packaging
SCORE offers the highest quality products and our Packaging is equally stunning. We didn’t cut corners when we produced our packages, and we didn’t cut off our models heads either. You will receive full images of our athletes, showing the front and back of each underwear style and color. Every full color box is a treasure which you will keep for a very long time.

12_scorebrief-sv101-white_-front 6_sport_-brief_sv107-white_front pf-3-sm

Our Styling
Rather than add to the rainbow of colors which is currently flooding the underwear market, our designer John Falocco started with a simple, elegant and upscale approach. The styling is more traditional and is designed for comfort. SCORE underwear is special because of its simplicity. Each pair is a stand-out because of the elegant blue satin SCORE label and the distinctive blue stripe which rings each elastic band. Finally, every SCORE product is MADE IN THE USA of fine 100% US Cotton fabric. We have colors and prints coming down the line in boxer shorts and other styles.

They are a really cool company. I hope you enjoy the pics we have here, and the video at the end. Head over to their site for more information and how to order. We will bring you more about them in the weeks to come, maybe even a review.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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