I have mentioned several times in the past that my obsession in underwear focuses around jockstraps, but on occasion I venture outside the pouch and the straps. This past week I reviewed a pair of briefs that are pretty unique. The brand is Schultz Jeans and they are out of London, England. They are known for their designer jeans but also have a line of underwear for both him and her. Just like the Dirty Fukker jock that I reviewed last time, this line of underwear is available for those who are local to Atlanta, GA at Poster Hut.

Since I am a person with a complete bias towards anything that isn’t a jockstrap, I am probably the best person to review everything else. The specific Schultz briefs that I reviewed are the “Coming Soon” briefs. The very unique thing about the Schultz Jeans brand of underwear is that they have tag lines on the waistbands. Besides the “Coming Soon”, there are “I Want Out”, “Hands Free”, and “Heatseeker”. Besides the catchy phrases the briefs and the boxers also come in several bold colors.

The briefs fit pretty well overall. I sported a size large and felt that was the correct size for me. They covered all the areas I would want a pair of briefs to cover. I did feel however, that the pouch could have had a bit more room in it. Regardless of this, I felt the briefs fit well and was very comfortable. The material used was soft and had a ribbed texture. The combination of these factors lead to a well assembled pair of briefs. I felt that the brief wasn’t like the old style of briefs that had a great deal of material on the sides but at the same time are not as skimpy as bikini briefs. I love the look of the briefs. The colors are bold and the tag lines are very eye-catching. I wore the briefs all day long as well as at the gym and they held up very well.

andysnap_016To sum up, I believe the Schultz “Coming Soon” briefs are great and have just a bit of attitude. This is always a good thing.  I give it an overall rating of 4.8 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                      4

Materials:            5

Put Together:      5

Look:                  5

Daily Wear:         5

Overall:              4.8


If you want underwear with attitude you need to check out these briefs along with the other styles and colors they offer.  You can purchase the Schultz Jeans underwear line from their website at or if you live in or around the Atlanta, GA area you can have instant gratification and pick yours up at Poster Hut located at 2175 Cheshire Bridge Road.

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