The retro gym short made by Andrew Christian will leave much to the imagination whether you are running, walking, or working out at the gym.  These are the equivalent to the traditional ‘daisy dukes’.  While these sporty shorts are made out of 100% fast dry moisture wicking polyester sports mesh, which provides a cool masculine look in my humble opinion, they are too short to be taken seriously.  Okay, I totally get the retro style that AC is trying to achieve but honestly, there’s a fine line between looking like a caricature from the movie Bruno and looking masculine.

My first tryout with this sassy pair included wearing the silver/black shorts while outdoors.  The cut is too tight, short, and honestly, look like girl shorts.  In an effort to remain fair and subjective, there are a few things I do like about this style.  First, the white drawstring is located inside the shorts…a real positive for me.  Traditionally drawstrings outside of some shorts are a bit bulky when tied and can be plain distracting at times.  Secondly, the black seam along the side and bottom of the shorts give them a nice contrasting and finished look.

This particular style of Andrew Christian retro shorts comes in light blue/burgundy, navy/kelly, black/gold, and silver/black.  You’ll find the small Andrew Christian woven red and white signature cross logo located in the front left of the shorts.

Fit: 2.0
Materials: 4.5
Construction 4.0
Look: 4.0
Active Wear: 4.0
Overall: 3.7

These shorts were provided by Andrew Christian and can be purchased at their website located at


As an admirer of art, I’ve always appreciated the role that underwear has played in men’s fashion. For me personally, underwear serves as a catalyst for allowing men to present their style and fashion sense while remaining masculine and true to themselves. Since fashion is an expression of oneself, this allows men to do so privately, intimately and socially….it’s the best of all worlds! I'm currently a resident of Atlanta, GA. and work fulltime as a Project Manager for a large Computer/IT company.

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